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It used to be just me, Heather, alone in a darkroom, working the lovely, lonely magic of hand developing and printing images. But I needed more sunlight and more people, and to explore the world. So, I studied and lived in Italy, became an architect, rode a few camels and a Vespa.

I went on safari, hiked South America, listened to desert drums in Morocco. And most importantly I fell in love and got to do it all with my soulmate, cameras in hand, our hearts ever expanding to include three little girls of our own.

My studio has grown to include more people, My Kind of People who have also found love and know what it means to have the great honor of photographing weddings and families.

Sara is an art historian and newlywed while Emily has a growing family and you’ll want her to be your sister within 5 minutes of meeting her. We all share a passion for art and architecture, for pattern and texture, for letting wedding days unfold authentically and without pretense, for letting guys be guys, and making sure the mom of the bride feels beautiful and important.

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