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Vendor Profile - Chaundra Revier

Chaundra Revier

Hello!! I'm Chaundra, a licensed Makeup & Hair artist. I am a wife & mom who lives for daily family dance parties. I've been in the beauty world professionally for about 15 years. When I was 13 my mom didn't know how to braid I taught myself and became my friends' school dance go to! I attended UNCO for theatre and fell in love with the world of stage makeup. While living in NYC for 10 years I worked with clients from all over the world of every age, gender and race. I LOVE what I do, especially being a part of wedding days and bringing out brides' best assets-themselves!!


BECAUSE you don't wear makeup! You want to look like the best version of you on your wedding day, and makeup for the camera that looks natural is a practiced skill, not just something you cross your fingers and hope goes well! Just because you like how your cousin, friend, etc does their own makeup does not mean this is the day to entrust them with your face. These pictures will hang on your wall FOR-EV-ER, you want to love how you look!
NO! It's very kind, but very expensive to cover everyone! Some brides pay for all, some pay for partial services, and some just offer it to their party to pay for their own services.
This is a huge part of why a trial is important! Everyone is different, so it's good to try out your look and make sure it lasts. If it doesn't we can make adjustments accordingly on the actual day!
We always recommend doing your trial before an event or dress fitting, so you can see your whole look together, and to take lots of photos! Remember-you want to look great in the mirror, but you REALLY want to love how the pictures on your wall look! If you're Pinterest savvy, and have been hunting for ideas, a couple tips: * Make sure the photos you find are of ladies who actually look like you! Same hair color, eye shape, skin tone. We can't make Snow White look like Kim Kardashian (Or really you don't want us to ; ) Blonde hair in an updo will generally have WAY more dimension in photos than brunette. Set yourself up for success! * We recommend no more than THREE photos of looks you like. After that it tends to get confusing and overwhelming for all. * Remember most photos are filtered or photoshopped. Some hairstyles are meant for one photo, not an entire day of partying. * Be realistic about what your hair can do-if you're not sure, just ask! We have many brides chose to add clip in extensions to maximize their volume and length-let us know if you think you might want to try them! If you don't know what you want, no worries! We are here to talk through what is best for you! Don't be afraid to give feedback or ask to change something. We want YOU to be happy and love how you look! Brides do sometimes do a full trial, wear the look for the day, and realize they want to try something else and schedule another trial. If you've tried on dresses, you know that you don't always fall in love with what you thought you would! We can also tweak things day-of if you change your mind last minute. Again, we just want you to be happy!!
The more $$$ an HMU (Hair & Makeup) Artist costs, generally the more experience they have. The more seasoned artist generally carries better products in their kit, has experience with every age, race and skin/hair type. They know exactly how to fix any issues that come up and can work quickly and efficiently. You're paying for the artist's years of experience, kit, time, dependability, travel and personality. A great artist charges more because they know they're worth it and you will definitely reap the rewards!


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