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I have loved every second of helping brides and their families achieve effortless perfection for their wedding day! Weddings can be stressful, time consuming, and (let’s be honest) a little bit crazy but my job is to make as much of that whirlwind, once-in-a-lifetime experience one you’ll remember with joy for the rest of your life!

Everything from hair to makeup to time management, it thrills me to be the expert in your corner and the highly trained professional with expertise to make your vision come true. Trust me when I say that I have the skill set to make it all happen! With three boys keeping me on my toes,

I’ve learned to roll with the punches, think on my feet, and adapt quickly to changing scenery so you can rest easy knowing that I’ll be the maestro helping everything stay on track, stay organized, and stay gorgeous!

I personally feel like weddings should be enjoyable, and Colorado Bridal Company was my vision for helping this time be a memorable one for you, your family, and friends. Everyone has a unique personality and style, and my goal is to connect to that and really work with you to have the exact look you want for the wedding festivities. I absolutely love talking with the people and try to connect with them on a personal level so that you understand I have every intention of making this part of your big day as special as can be.

Vendor Profile - Lauren Gibbs

Lauren Gibbs

Located within "The Beauty Underground"


Submit an inquire, choose your selections, pay your retainer, and sign the contract.
I like to call it "Colorado boho chic"
I have a studio that i use or I come to you on location. I prefer to be in your space!


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  • Ivy G
    Ivy G wrote a review December 31, 2022
    The Worst!

    After reviewing every vendor for our wedding I would love to say I saved the best for last. Unfortunately this was not case. I waited to write this re...view because I had such amazing experiences with everyone we used except Lauren Gibbs and this was hard to write. I wouldn't give Lauren one star if I had the choice. Lauren was nice and communicated well at first when I was searching for a hair/makeup. She was a bit more reasonably priced considering the going rate and I decided to go with her. Unfortunately, as it got closer to my wedding I emailed her more than once and it took her a very long time to respond. When she finally did we talked about how she was going to need more hands then anticipated because we couldn't get into the venue until later in the day. I thought we had settled on what was needed but as the weeks got closer I contacted her again and she ghosted me. I sent several emails directly through her link with NO response at all. I finally reached her by phone. We talked briefly and I told her I understood how busy she was. We were supposed to reconnect via email later that day but it was a days later. I tried to confirm what we discussed but she responded as if we had never talked about her need for an extra set of hands. I reminded her of our previous discussions and I couldn't afford to pay more when we were already set to go. She felt doing me. I was thankful for the understanding although, there was a communication break down on her part. It was only weeks away from my wedding but I had a gut feeling that sent me on a search for a new stylist. However, being so late in the game there really wasn't much availability and I didn't have the energy to keep searching. Fast forward my wedding day and I was already stressed about the time crunch and the morning didn't go smoothly and I ended up being 20 minutes was my bad because I lost the 20 minutes for my hair and makeup. As I got to the room I was very apologetic for being late and shouted up the stairs "sorry, are you going to kill me?" Trying to make light of it as well as apologizing for my tardiness. The first thing out of her mouth in a very nasty tone was "well I'm going to charge you!!" The way I see it if she was desent human with good customer service she would have helped to relieve some stress rather than add to the stress. That didn't happen at all! I was frustrated with her approach and she was upset that I was late to the service I paid for. She told me I disrespected her on my wedding daydisrespected her. Now mind you I did apologize for being late. We continued to have a heated discussion which included her assistant chiming in while excusing Lauren's behavior. That's when my family walked into a disaster. My sister and mom asked her numerous times to see if we could please make this work. My mom even offered to skip hers ALL together to get everyone else done and not cause stress for Lauren. My mom's tone was very apologetic although she did nothing wrong. Lauren wasn't having it and wasn't listening. She was caught up on making it about herself and how she couldn't work in these conditions. I told her more than once she could leave but everyone pleaded with her to stay. She finally left as more heated words were exchanged. She caused a great deal of stress and disappointment. However, all said and done we managed beautifully without her. After my wedding I contacted her to get my money back knowing I lost the deposit. She responded very shortly with how this will be her last communication and I could contact her through a lawyer. I simply reminded her that she provided NO service and needed to send my payment back but I decided to stop reaching out so I was no longer consumed by the thought of her. I contacted my bank to dispute the charge. It is sad to put these words down about someone and their business but I'd hate to see anyone go through what I did on their very special day

    Date of wedding: 09-30-2022

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