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Who is Josh?

21 years old and my own boss.

I have had a passion for creating since I was able to draw on a piece of paper. If you told me a year ago that I would have my own company doing videography for amazing clients I would have completely disagreed and buried my head into medical book, thinking that was the only thing success looked like.

Fast forward 6 months and the film industry in Wichita, Kansas was dramatically under served. I decided that it didn’t matter what I had as long as I had the drive to succeed and grow and prove that I could be whoever I wanted.

I got connected to a few brides after that and they wanted their wedding to have a video. I decided that I could do that and I practiced and studied professional filmmaking and I fell in love with is shortly after shooting my first clips. From then on my passion has grown into a fire and I can’t wait to see what I can do from here.

Vendor Profile - Josh Gerber


Typically I do half of the total package price but if we need to create a payment plan we can do that as well.
You get everything that is included in the base package and then you can create and add your own parts to make the package fit and your personal preference.
I typically try to schedule them a year or more out. The fall and spring are really popular so those dates get taken quicker.
I typically use up to 3 cameras for your day mainly because if I use any more they become cumbersome and unnecessary.
The more weddings that I book and the higher quality of production that I create tends to make my prices increase but prices will remain locked in after you use turn in your downpayment.



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