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Fresh from the Kitchen is a Phoenix based catering company that prides itself on exquisite service, exceptional food, amazing quality, and fresh foods. We specialize in catering services ranging from weddings and baby showers to corporate catering and holiday catering services.

Established locally in 2008, Fresh from the Kitchen catering is a chef and woman owned Phoenix based full service catering company. It is our mission to provide an exceptional experience, full attention to your menu selection, and execution of your vision for your event.

Fresh From The Kitchen catering prides ourselves in serving foods that are sourced locally and free of hormones, pesticides, and additives. You get real food made fresh and homemade like it should be. We travel state wide.

Vendor Profile - Noelle Townsley

Noelle Townsley

Fresh From The Kitchen catering is a woman owned, chef driven, minority owned company offering full service catering for weddings, social, and corporate events. Emphasis on natural, high quality ingredients,‘a taste of perfection!’ is the company motto and is the ideology behind the passion. We use minimally processed fresh food, USDA hormone and antibiotic free meats, locally sourced produce and goods when possible, and as much organic and always all natural ingredients too.

Fresh From The Kitchen is a well known company in the community putting quality before quantity and keeping company integrity. What this means, is for anyone hiring Fresh From The Kitchen, ‘a taste of perfection’ must be received. Thus, as a benefit to the client, and assurance of repeat business, Fresh From The Kitchen only takes the amount of events that can be reasonably handled in a day so that no one ever feels they received anything less than the best. You’re only as good as your last job; therefore, quality not quantity is what is followed. Keeping this motto has resulted in accolades over the years for Fresh From The Kitchen.


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