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Imagine how much easier it would be to plan your next social or corporate event if you had access to a talented and dedicated staff comprised of professional event planners, caterers, bartenders, florists, designers, registrars, logistics professionals, tourism experts, marketers, guest wranglers, VIP ego tamers, purchasing agents, financial advisers and ringmasters.

While you’re still imagining, wouldn’t it be even better if this team was so successful at what they do, that letting them handle all the details and minutia of the event would virtually guarantee that all you would have to do is show up for it?

Consider the Essential Details team your personal event department, and let them show you how fun follows function.

Essential Details believes in putting our team’s valuable experiences, skills and talents to work for our clients’ benefit. Our multidimensional approach to planning includes staff that research, design, create and execute unique events on any scale for a broad range of clients, including corporations, associations, weddings and high-profile social events.

We are a destination management and full-service event planning company, and we make our living making sure details aren’t obstacles to your success.

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Diana Vela


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