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Hey! I’m Elizabeth.

Yes, I go by the full Elizabeth, all four syllables- though I will pretty much respond to any nickname. My last name, Hasier, which often stumps people- so just an fyi, it is pronounced like the sitcom “Frasier”.

Now that name stuff is out the way- hello!

I’m a full time freelance photographer currently living in Philadelphia. I was born in Chicago and first started taking photos on my dad’s little point and shoot when I was about 10. Though photography was always my first love, I decided to pursue a more “practical” college degree and studied international politics focusing on comparative cultural and economic systems of Eurasia (my degree is currently collecting dust beautifully on my shelf).

The whole time I was studying, I was doing more and more photography as a creative outlet to the point where I realized I should follow my passion for it and go all in. So all in I went, and here I am!

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