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Price Range $1500.00 - $2500.00
  • 2905 Palmer Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90065
  • (323) 972-2328
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About Us

Based in Eagle Rock, California, Dubgypsy began in 1999, and has continued forward as a prosperous company generating a clientele who settle for nothing less than the best in DJs and Live Entertainment. Specializing in an eclectic variety of music for everyone, Dubgypsy has been a leading source for anyone looking to throw an incredible party anytime for any occasion. We love what we do. We love music, and we love the power it carries. There is nothing more exciting than watching a dance floor filled with people. We take great pride in our work. All of our entertainers are trained to read a room. We observe and adapt based on the energy of each party and the individual needs of our clients. Our hand picked team of professionals are not your typical wedding Bands and DJs. We do not crack jokes on the mic. We do not pull people out of their seats to do the YMCA. We are NOT those DJ’s. We are there to make your night as smooth as possible, rock your dance floor and leave your guests talking about your party for years to come. We offer a professional service capable of providing any style(s) you prefer at your event. We know that it is YOUR day and not OUR show. We take pride in each and every job we do, and are defined by the quality and attention we bring to our work.

Vendor Profile - Patrick Belton

Patrick Belton
  • 2905 Palmer Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90065
  • (323) 972-2328
  • dubgypsy.com


We’ve been around for just over 20 years now. We do about 150 events a year. We work primarily in the Los Angeles area. But we also travel quite a bit (and love it!). We cater to a clientele who expect more from their entertainment than someone who’s going to play a random selection of poor music accompanied by a loud MC who loves to be the center of attention. Each event we do is specifically catered to the client we’re working with that given day. We allow and encourage them to work with us to create a hand picked selection of music that represents them. This dialogue in combination with a serious skill set and ability to read a room is what separates us from other entertainment companies, is what has kept us working consistently for the past 2 decades.
DJ Our basic DJ setup typically includes 4 hours of music as well as a 2 speaker PA system (for up to 140 guests), wireless microphone and complete DJ set up. Additional time for cocktail hour or ceremony as well as additional equipment for large guest counts, large areas and/ or multiple locations can be added at an extra charge. Live Music At a base level, our live musicians provide themselves and their instruments. Strings playing for a ceremony or cocktail hour typically don’t require any amplification at all. But generally, most supply a PA system. Solo musicians (guitarists, harpists etc…) providing background music will usually just bring a speaker or two. While a full 10 piece reception band will often have at least 2 mains speakers along with 2 subwoofers as well as a few on-stage monitors and a sound tech. So equipment-wise, it varies quite a bit. Live musicians are booked by the hour.
You give us your date, venue and number of guests (we need all that info to get started). If we have availability, then we’ll provide you with a quote / proposal. If it works for you, we’ll connect you with your DJ so you can schedule an intro meeting. This meeting can be in person, over the phone or by FaceTime / Zoom etc… Whatever’s most convenient for you. During that meeting you’ll discuss the plan for your event, musical likes and dislikes, questions, concerns – heck, maybe even your hopes and dreams! If you like what you hear (and we find that our clients usually do), we’ll send you a contract. You’ll review it, sign it and pay a 50% deposit. From here, you and your DJ have direct correspondence. He / she is there to answer any questions you have about your music and timeline from the day we book until the day of your event (…..within reason). Typically, after the first meeting, there’s not a ton of things you’ll need to discuss until you get a lot closer to your event date. In the interim, we have a planning form that will help guide you through the process. We like to talk to you again about a week or so before the event once all of the details are more concrete. But, if you have questions before then, we got you! Your final balance payment will be due 5 days before your event. We’ll contact you with a reminder about a week before that.
Some DJs use props, games and gimmicks to get people on the dance floor. We are not those DJ’s. We believe that if you give people the proper tools (the right MUSIC), they will have an amazing time on their own without being prodded by an overbearing MC who thinks he needs to be the life of the party. Our DJs are experts at reading a room and making educated decisions that will result in creating a rocking dance floor environment. Have faith. We have the skills to pay the bills!
Absolutely. We have a form that we can provide where you can make requests. You are also free to send a list of requests as a word / excel doc / Spotify playlist. Or you can simply throw it in the body of an email. We’re easy. So, whatever’s best for YOU is great for us. You can prioritize your requests in terms of “Must Play”, “Play If Possible” and “Do Not Play”. Often the “Do Not Play” list is even more important than the actual playlist itself.  The list can be comprised of specific songs, genres, preferred decades, artists or any combination thereof.



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