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When you need a mobile Wedding DJ in Chicago for your event, CMDJs is what you need! DJ Marcus has over 16 years

I’m the best friend you never knew you needed for your wedding! I rock your party with the music you love but keep the focus on the most important thing, YOU!

Passionate is one word I’d use to describe myself when it comes to my work. My job isn’t just behind the DJ booth, I make it a success by handling every aspect I possibly can so that the bride and groom can just enjoy their day.

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2 Reviews for Chicago Mobile DJs

  • Ryan F
    Ryan F wrote a review May 12, 2023

    We Booked Chicago Mobile DJs for our wedding. They required to pay in full before the event and no showed. Also by design they don't have you sign an...y contracts. They refused to refund our money, and blocked my number. This company is just one person Marcus Windsor, who is the least professional person I have ever worked with. There are lots of other DJs out there, don't hire this thief!

    Date of wedding: 09-18-2022

  • Andrea T
    Andrea T wrote a review February 24, 2023

    I wish I would have researched Marcus more before booking because it looks like my husband and I are just another client he left without refunding our... $1200. Our wedding coordinator at the venue recommended him so we decided to hire him. Unfortunately, the night before our wedding he had a medical emergency and could not show up. An hour before our ceremony, our families were scrambling to figure out where he was and after trying every phone #, social media message, etc. we realized we had to try to find a completely new dj. A week after our wedding, Marcus finally called us and told us what happened. He eventually said he would need to do a sort of payment plan and could start paying us back after a gig in February. We spoke before the holidays to check in and he said he had to cancel Christmas for his family because he had so many medical bills and debts. We called again mid-February and asked for an update since we had seen on social media that he purchased expensive gifts, said he was going to school, was tagged in a video being at a bar a week after our wedding, and threw a party or event of some sort when he said he was too sick to work or go anywhere. It was very confusing and seemed to be a very different version of the person we had been talking to on the phone. He started becoming very rude on the phone-- condescending and even yelling at times. I wrote a review on a different site saying how we still haven't received money after 3 months. He ended up saying he would pay us if we took down the review. I told him that it shouldn't matter, but said I would take down the review in order to be paid. He said he was going to pay $100. After everything we were put through, I told him I couldn't accept only $100. He started talking about his health and financial troubles again and I told him I'm trying to get this settled before we have to file a case against him and his business. He then hung up and blocked my number. Regardless of how good of a dj he might be (we unfortunately will never know) it is not worth the risk in my opinion. Especially after reading more reviews and seeing his criminal background. Like I said, I really wish I would have read the reviews on here before paying money for nothing.

    Date of wedding: 11-05-2022

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