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At Cakes ROCK!!!, we believe that your specialty cake should be completely unique and delicious. We put our talent and passion into every delightful dessert we create, and our bakery in Austin, TX, uses real butter (no shortenings), real organic fruit (no Jell-O’s or artificial fruits), and all-natural ingredients combined with a creative edge to provide you with the cake of your dreams. With the exception of sugar-free requests, Cakes ROCK!!! can accommodate most dietary restrictions.

Vendor Profile - Christy Duffell-Seguin

Christy	 Duffell-Seguin

Sweet Dreams are Made of This!

The cake is THE most important focal point of your wedding reception, & all your guests (who love to watch the TV cake shows) can't wait to see the amazing design & enjoy the taste of your wedding cakes & desserts. Let's give 'em something to talk about for years to come! You've heard the stories about cakes that are beautiful but don't taste good. Don't take that chance!

The Cakes ROCK!!! Sugar Artist Team creates luscious, homemade cakes & desserts from scratch using the finest of ingredients & then sculpts those cakes into breathtaking works of sugar art. We LOVE a challenge & specialize in the unique & personal. As seen on Food Network, The Cooking Channel, Netflix, Cake Central & American Cake Decorating Magazines. Winner of Austin's Best Cakes & Austin's Favorite Cake Artist.


This is the question we get over and over. It’s certainly a valid question, but there’s no way we can answer it without a lot more information. There is base pricing in custom cakes, yes, but each one is an individual work of art created especially for you. So each one is most likely going to be a different price depending on how it is customized. Let’s imagine you walk into a huge car dealership that handles every kind of car, SUV, and truck you can think of. You walk up to a sales person and ask “How much is a car?” Do you think they’ll be able to answer that question? A minivan is a way different price than a Lamborghini. No, they will need to know first, what kind of vehicle you want---SUV, sports car, minivan, sedan? And then they will have to know what options you want on that particular vehicle. Only then will they be able to give you a price. Ordering a custom cake is exactly the same process. First, we need to know what kind of cake you want---round, square, tiered, 3D sculpture, individual desserts, etc. Then we need to know what flavors and options you want, and there are many! It can feel a bit overwhelming, but we are here to help you through it. Please email us at [email protected] to get the process started.
Yes! Cakes ROCK!!! believes that any occasion where there is cake, there is love. And you will only find love here--for ALL. We seek to foster a climate of purposeful inclusion of all people regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or national origin. We are a proud ally of the LGBTQ community.
EVERYBODY says that! Our mission is to change that, one bite at a time! It's usually just a perception, or their only experience has been with bakeries that used too much, didn't know how to use it properly, or used the commercial fondants which aren't too tasty. We do make our own, from marshmallows & powdered sugar, & then flavor it just like buttercream. It's soft & delicious! Some designs HAVE to be done in fondant, or we can possibly use modeling chocolate, which is also delicious! And you get JUST as much buttercream in a fondant cake as a buttercream cake. There is still a lovely coat of buttercream icing on the outside of the cake, smoothed to perfection because fondant is like white stretchy pants---it shows EVERY flaw underneath! Cakes are like people--it's what's on the INSIDE that counts! Each of our cakes is TALL--4 layers of cake with 3 generous layers of buttercream/filling, so you get a perfect cake to buttercream/filling ratio in every bite! And the way custom/wedding cakes are sliced, very few of the slices even touch the outside of the cake, so it's even more important that the inside is awesome. The outside of the cake is nothing but a skin, & is only important in the design of the cake. It doesn't affect the inside or the taste at all. For THE TRUTH about fondant (the wedding magazines & bloggers are often SOOO off base it's scary), please read my blog post at I'm Not A Fan of Fondant, And Why It Just Doesn't Matter!
Don’t fear the leftover cake! Our cakes are baked fresh from scratch, using the best ingredients, just for you, and they last for a week or more refrigerated and sealed. Or for longer storage, they freeze beautifully. If you would like to freeze your cake, please ask us about the best methods. Many of our wedding couples keep their top tier for the 1 year anniversary tradition, & rave that it's just as delicious as their wedding day! You can keep them for long periods of time and enjoy them at future occasions (Or for breakfast. Or a midnight snack. There’s nothing wrong with that!)
If your dream cake isn’t in your budget, then we will work with you to create a design & appropriate size within your theme that fits your budget, if at all possible, and still gives you a scrumptious and gorgeous cake. There are many, many design techniques at our disposal, and we know how to apply them in the best manner possible to achieve your vision. So you can give us your budget, and we will do our best to design you a cake within it. The idea that 'sheet cakes in the back' is cheaper just isn't true. No, the bloggers and big wedding websites do not know what they are talking about when it comes to this idea. A serving of cake is a serving of cake, & costs the same regardless if it's displayed or not. We do not offer sheet cakes. Our 'cutting' or 'kitchen' cakes are the same tall beautiful slices as our wedding cakes, with 4 layers of cake & 3 layers of delicious filling, so all guests are treated to an equally awesome slice of cake. The cutting cakes are not decorated, so in that instance they are less per serving than a highly decorated display cake, as there is no additional labor involved, so they are priced at the base price per serving. The cake is the main focal point of the reception & a highly important decor element! We're guessing you didn't grow up dreaming of hiding your beautiful wedding cake in the kitchen! We can work with you to display a gorgeous showstopper cake without breaking the bank. There are so many options & we're happy to guide you!


6 Reviews for Cakes ROCK!!!

  • Shari A
    Shari A wrote a review July 30, 2021
    Always amazing!

    Wedding venue here that wouldn’t consider getting a cake from anyone but the amazing Christy and her team. Lovely and so very talented they are.

    Date of wedding: 10-02-2021

  • Carol D
    Carol D wrote a review July 30, 2021
    The best cake art in Texas.

    You just won’t find a more talented cake artist than the Christy Seguin and her staff of designers. Anything you can dream up for a wedding and/or a...nniversary, Cakes Rock!!! can make it. They don’t just look good either. They taste unbelievable and you can ask for custom blend flavors. Christy Seguin had a work ethic like nobody’s business, and she’s going to make what you want, when you need it. You can’t go wrong with this company!

    Date of wedding: 12-24-2015

  • April O
    April O wrote a review July 29, 2021
    Impeccable detail, professional and so tasty!

    Every time I need a stunning cake for a special occasion, Cakes ROCK always delivers! Christy and her crew are absolutely amazing with details, flavor..., and eye-catching cakes that my guests talk about for months and years later.

    Date of wedding: 02-02-2021

  • Jennifer G
    Jennifer G wrote a review July 29, 2021
    Amazing Flavor and Amazing Design!

    I am constantly in awe of the creations that Cakes Rock! produces…it has become a game with my husband, “is this a cake or a sculpture?” (He has gotten the hang of saying, “another amazing cake from Christy, right?!”).

    Whatever you need, but it big and complicated or simple and everything in between, you can be assured that Christy and her crew will get it done. I’ve done paw patrol cupcakes and mermaid tail cakes and rainbow leopard print cakes and more (her bakery goods are delish!) and I have never had a bad cake or bad experience. Thank you for being amazing and being my favorite go-to cake lady!

    Date of wedding: 06-17-2021

  • Jaime A
    Jaime A wrote a review July 29, 2021
    My favorite vendor!

    My husband and I were married 5 years ago. You know how it is… planning your wedding and working with multiple vendors. It’s difficult. I made a f...ew changes (ahead of time because I’m no Bridezilla) like needing a bigger cake, etc. and made it happen. She was easy to work with. Her tasting was FUN! Unlike other bakeries she didn’t have premise called. She seats you with several flavors of cake you choose to try and several icings so you could make up your own dream flavor. My cake was gorgeous!! At the end of it all, I kept her as friend. She’s now more then my cake lady. If I could have her move her bakery closer so I have her yummy treats available anytime, I’d be a fat and happy camper.

    Date of wedding: 09-04-2016

  • Felicia J
    Felicia J wrote a review July 29, 2021
    Best cakes ever!!

    These are one of a kind amazing cakes!! Their cakes really do ROCK!!! I’ve had 2 cakes made by this company. Highly recommend!!

    Date of wedding: 03-17-2019

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