10 Questions with Christene & Andrew Logesky

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10 Questions with Christene & Andrew Logesky

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hi we are Andrew + Chrissy Photography! We are a husband and wife photography duo based out of Columbus, OH. Our journey to photography started when I attended college for Graphic Design in 2010. What started off as a business that creates websites and branding turned into a photography business by 2011. I was taking portrait sessions to learn photography to be able to photograph branding photos for businesses but found myself enjoying it more and more. by 2012 I was shooting weddings and growing my photo business little by little while growing our family at the same time. In 2014 Andrew joined me on a wedding for the first time as a second shooter. He fell in love with the experience we can provide to the client and getting to know their story and tell it back to them, We relaunched officially as a husband and wife team in May of 2014 and have been primarily wedding photographers ever since.

2. How long have you been shooting weddings? How many weddings have you photographed?

My first solo wedding was in 2012. I shot 1 or 2 a year 2012 and 2013 and then in 2014 we shot 8 weddings for our first year together. In 2015 we shot 18 weddings. Total so far we have photographed just over 100 weddings. For us we have never been about shooting more than 15-20 weddings a year. This is so we can focus on our client experience and personalize it more for them,

3. How would you describe your photography style?

I think our photography style is authentic and bold. We love photos to feel real to life and as close to possible as it really was. We add some contrast and vibrancy to the photos but overall our goal is to keep it true! We think there is a time and place for posing but we love focusing more on gestures and movement in our images. Most of our couples choose us as their photographers because they want candid photos and love the emotion they see in our images.

4. How well in advance should couples book their wedding photographer?

We always say now is a good time! In all seriousness life is different for everyone and the couple knows when it is best to start planning. We have couples book a month before or two years out. If you know and are locked in on a date then I would go ahead and solidify your date as soon as possible. If you are getting married in popular months then it is never too soon. For us, the first to book up every year is September and October. Winter weddings seem to be much more last minute every year and are easier to book.

5. What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

We offer 8, 10, and 12 hours of coverage. All of our packages include the high resolution files delivered in a digital gallery. You receive the right to print and duplicate wherever you would like. Also included, is a complimentary engagement session which we highly recommend using. This allows us time to get to know the couple more and for them to get comfortable with our style of photography. Our most popular package is our 8 hour package which is $3600. Our 10 hour package is not far behind for people who need sparkler exits photographed and late night photos for $4200.

6. Are you the wedding photographer who will be shooting on the wedding day? Who else is there in your team?

Andrew and I shoot every wedding together! I photograph the details primarily by myself. Andrew photographs the guys getting ready while I capture the girls. He takes photos of the groom and his groomsmen before I take the girls photos. We both capture the ceremony together, he focuses on the grooms reaction to seeing his bride and I focus on the bride coming down the aisle. The rest of the day we both primarily shoot but with different perspectives.

7. Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

We do not charge travel fees for weddings less than 1 hour away. We create a custom travel packages outside of that for our clients depending on the details. We have photographed two destination weddings this past fall and both received custom quotes, one was car travel and one was flights. We try to make this as reasonable and easy as possible to encourage people to take us with them. We love to travel!

8. Are albums or prints included in your packages?

We do not include albums or prints in our packages but offer them. Most of our clients add a 12x12 album to their packages and it is also common for them to get 5x5 brag books as Christmas gifts.

9. How long after the wedding will the couple receive the images? How will they be delivered?

We have a standard around here that the couple is viewing their finished photos by 2 weeks after their wedding day. We have met that every time for the last almost ten years and that is something we are proud of! Several of our couples have sent us photos of them viewing their photos on their honeymoon and that is the best feeling ever. Delivering photos digitally allows a much faster time frame. One of my favorite things about a digital gallery is they can share it easily with all their friends and family.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

Our refund policy is that the retainer, 33% is non-refundable. We do not require any other payments until 3 months before the wedding and those are liquidated damages if they cancel after that point. We do allow our couples to reschedule at no additional feel and just push their payments to follow their new date. We have had to do this a lot this year with COVID and have had no hiccups rescheduling anyone at all.



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