10 Questions with Liz (Elizabeth) Chang

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Hair & Makeup Artist - Liz (Elizabeth) Chang

10 Questions with Liz (Elizabeth) Chang

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Skyla Arts is a premier luxury bridal & event makeup & hair agency based in the Heart of Silicon Valley in Northern California, servicing clients from Carmel Valley to Napa Valley. Majority of our events are local to the Bay Area, and beyond local travel, we provide Destination services as well!

Established by Liz Chang in 2009, we have expanded into a fully operating Bridal Makeup & Hair Artist Agency since the 2013 season, and we currently represent 4 BIPOC artists: Liz Chang, Camille Monique , Jerilyn Dee (hair-only), & Tiffany Purdy (bio/portfolio coming soon!).

With almost four decades of combined experience as beauty industry leaders, we are professionals who care deeply about our craft and fully committed to providing superb customer service.

We are here to collaborate with you for a timeless look to help you look & feel your best on your wedding day, so that 20 years later when you revisit your wedding photos and video keepsakes with your loved ones, what you will remember is the beautiful celebration of love and how happy you felt, because the last thing you have to worry about on your wedding day is your hair & makeup.

From the initial email, to the comprehensive consultation, and customized mood boards, to skin preparation & makeup/hair product selection for your wedding day, we are here to meet your unique needs.

On your wedding day, we will arrive with our kits and equipment to bring the luxury salon experience to the comforts of your hotel room or home! We will start with a relaxing & cooling eye-gel mask and apply deeply-hydrating serum to your skin while your hair sets.

Using an array of luxury and professional products, the preparation will proceed in a well-paced manner, making you feel pampered, with calm & peace to help you relax and preserve your energy for a busy & exciting celebration ahead!

The "look" and spark in our clients' eyes when they look in the mirror, seeing them love themselves, that small boost of confidence and joy, is priceless to us and the emotional reward we seek as service providers. Helping our clients feel radiant and seeing their bliss when they share their photos or videos with us is why we love our job; it is what motivates us to wake up at 4am to drive to the location with our heavy makeup and hair equipment. When we touch our clients' face/hair with our hands, we are invited into their intimate bubble through touch, and it is truly an honor to be invited to share our gifts with our clients on their most important occasions!

2. What's your experience as a bridal hair & makeup artist? How many brides are in there in your portfolio?

The lead artists I currently represent, if we combine the years we've been in the beauty industry working as makeup & hair artists, it would be close to 50 years. We have worked on hundreds of weddings over those years, but we want to emphasize that the quantity only shapes our experience and expertise, but I want to emphasize that each year we take on an exclusive number of weddings ranging from 30-40 weddings so that each event is impeccably serviced.

3. What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

Our packages start with The Bride, the VIP! Our lead artist typically work on Bride + 2 services, and we can add bridal party members/family members services that are performed by our team of expert associates. Hire us for the bride, or hire us for the bride + bridal party, we have a package that will meet your needs. We start with The Standard Package, which is our most popular package, but also offer 2 more, The Full Day and The Ne Plus Ultra. Please visit our website for more details!

4. Do you have a team of assistants or will you be the only artist that day? What will happen if you're sick or have an emergency on the wedding day?

We don't hire assistants, as assistants are not yet qualified to work on our events. We work with a network of seasoned artist who come as 2nd or 3rd or 4th artist to service our clients. We have a clause in our contract that outlines what happens in a case of an emergency. Inquire further if you would like to know the details about emergencies, inclement weather, and Force Majeure and what our policy is.

5. Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

Within 2 hour roundtrip of the artist travel is included in the rate, and beyond that it is based on time and mileage, and beyond 4 hour roundtrip, it's considered a destination wedding. Lodging might be required for early start times. We work with local weddings in South Bay/Peninsula, but also cover from Big Sur, Carmel Valley, Livermore, Healdsburg, St. Helena, Lake Tahoe & Yosemite.

6. Can the bride book a wedding makeup trial appointment and will you also do a trial before the wedding?

Yes, we offer makeup and hair consultations and the client can decide to book after meeting us for the consultation appointment.

7. What beauty products do you use and would you be open to the bride using her own make-up?

As professionals, we have all the products necessary to do our job, but on occasion, if the client has allergies or sensitive skin, or wants to use a specific product, we are happy to use her items. If clients are interested at the materials we use, we have plenty of behind the scenes on our instagram to showcase the type of materials and beauty products and tools we carry in our kits.

8. How can you make the bride's wedding makeup last and look good in photos?

"The proof is in the pudding" - Experience, product knowledge, setting realistic expectations, and educating and collaborating with our clients is part of how we ensure the makeup will last and look great in photos throughout their wedding day. An example for setting realistic expectations and what I mean by that is if you are having a Coastal Wedding where there is wind and humidity, and if you want to do down-do or a half-down, the curls will not last because this is makeup & hair styling, not magic as hair spray and products cannot combat physics and chemistry. But we can share with you realistically what styles will last, and then if you still want to wear your hair down, to go with The Full Day Package and budget 40 minutes in your timeline for your artist to re-style your hair. This is just an example of how we can give you what you want, based on our experience, and come up with solutions to either make it happen, or provide alternatives to help you achieve your beauty goals for the wedding day.

9. How long will makeup take on the day and how long will you be staying for on the day?

This will depend on the look, and which package you go with! Please inquire for more details!

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

If you are interested, I'd be happy to discuss in greater detail of our early cancellation and early refund policy, which only applies 9 months before your event.



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