Introducing Off BEET Productions, where wedding cinematography becomes an artful dance of capturing authentic moments. With a commitment to unobtrusive storytelling, they document your day with a documentary-style approach. Off BEET seamlessly collaborates with your photography team, ensuring a stress-free, fun-filled experience. Their expert cinematographers craft clean, upbeat footage, expertly edited to tell your unique story. Describing their editing style as light-hearted and emotion-infused, they deliver films that make you laugh, cry, and relive the joy. With options for one or two cinematographers, Off BEET Productions brings a dynamic touch to your wedding narrative. Trust them to turn your special moments into a film that dances with laughter, love, and lasting memories.

Address: 1212 Mohegan Rd, Manasquan, NJ 08736

Phone: 732-530-0110

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kate & Denny

Meet Kevin Rigby, the creative force behind Wavelight Studio, a leading videography service at the Jersey Shore. Specializing in diverse video and photo needs, Wavelight Studio caters to events, commercial projects, weddings, and non-profit initiatives. Kevin’s expertise ensures no project is too big or small, with a commitment to excellence. Wavelight Studio stands out in wedding cinematography, offering tailored packages to match unique preferences and budgets. From the Silver tier capturing ceremony highlights to the Platinum tier delivering a cinematic masterpiece with drone footage, Wavelight Studio promises to turn your wedding day into a timeless film that captures every emotion, detail, and cherished memory.

Address: Manasquan, NJ

Phone: 609-707-1652

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kevin Rigby

Embark on your wedding day journey with J&R Videography, where capturing beautiful imagery is not just a service but a passion. Specializing in videography and photography, J&R Videography offers professional, affordable packages tailored to make your special day unforgettable. Beyond weddings, they excel in Sweet 16s, Mitzvahs, and various events. Their cinematic expertise brings a unique touch to Catholic, Jewish, and Indian weddings, offering multiple videographers, drone usage, and a blend of cinematic and documentary styles. With options for live-streaming, video editing, and personalized packages, J&R Videography ensures a memorable and cherished cinematic experience for you and your guests.

Address: Freehold, NJ

Phone: 908-907-0266

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jesse Rafter

Experience the magic of your wedding day with Nulty Films, a cinematic wedding videography company committed to ensuring your special moments last a lifetime. With a passion for capturing love stories, Nulty Films brings 13 years of expertise, officially founded in 2018. Their journey began in 2003, crafting wedding videos that beautifully encapsulate every emotion and detail. Working in a dedicated team of two videographers, they skillfully cover multiple angles and locations, ensuring no precious moment is missed. Based at the Jersey Shore, Nulty Films extends its services to New York City, Pennsylvania, Boston, and beyond, promising a fun, professional, and memorable experience for your unique celebration.

Address: 1710 Route 34, Wall, NJ 07719

Phone: 732-614-4989

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kevin Nulty

Introducing Simple Love Films, the heartful creation of Dom, a passionate storyteller and destination wedding videographer based in Monmouth County, NJ. With a warm and comforting approach, Dom skillfully captures the essence of your love story. Beyond documenting moments, he embraces the intricate details that define your journey. Your wedding film becomes a timeless capsule, allowing you to relive the promises made and the beautiful tapestry of your day. As a musician and avid traveler, Dom brings a unique perspective, ensuring your wedding story is told with creativity and authenticity. Choose Simple Love Films for an immersive, heartfelt portrayal of your special day.

Social: Instagram

Contact : Dom

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As the curtains fall on our exploration of Spring Lake’s finest wedding videographers, you are now equipped to make a choice that resonates with your vision. The memories crafted on your special day deserve to be captured by skilled hands, and these professionals stand ready to turn moments into memories and memories into treasures. Embrace the joy, the laughter, and the love, knowing that your chosen videographer will weave them into a timeless narrative. Here’s to a wedding day that unfolds like a storybook, with Spring Lake as the enchanting backdrop and your chosen videographer as the storyteller. May your love story continue to shine, forever captured in the frames of your wedding film. Cheers to a lifetime of love and beautiful memories!

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