North Nj, NJ

With a reputation for cinematic storytelling, New Jersey Videography offers high-quality wedding videography services. They use advanced equipment to capture your wedding day’s magic, producing cinematic creations you will treasure forever. Their wedding videography package offers exceptional value. With a professional videographer, high-definition cameras, and wireless microphones to ensure clear vows, they go the extra mile to capture your day perfectly. With 10 hours of coverage across unlimited locations, their certified editors craft a wedding story that reflects your unique love. Offering different services at an average cost of around $3,000, New Jersey Videography remains affordable without compromising quality. For more details, visit their website and let them turn your wedding into a beautiful and lasting memory.

Address: 180 Tices Ln #201a, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Phone: 732-986-6332

Facebook: New Jersey Videography

Instagram: New Jersey Videography

Contact : Vlad

Live Picture Studios, based in NJ and NY, takes wedding videography to a new level. They’re more than videographers; they’re storytellers. Live Picture Studios believes that a sequence of moments should narrate an emotional journey with a beginning, middle, and end. Their vision is simple – to transport you back in time, allowing you to relive your special moments every time you watch your wedding film. This is what sets them apart! Live Picture Studios excels at reinventing traditional wedding videography. They understand that every couple is unique, and their mission is to capture the personal details of your love story. Additionally, Live Picture Studios offers a range of packages to ensure your wedding transforms into unforgettable memories. Contact them today for more information!

Address: Jersey City, NJ

Phone: 862-244-5897

Facebook: Live Picture Studios

Instagram: Live Picture Studios

Contact : Jean Cingari

Blue Moon Video Productions is known for its artistic and timeless wedding videography. They focus on capturing the emotions and details that make your day extraordinary, crafting videos that tell your love story. Cinematic wedding videos, a hallmark of their work, feature creative shots, slow-motion scenes, aerial drone footage, and music tailored to your unique style. These films capture the emotions and ambiance, making them endlessly rewatchable, much like a timeless story you revisit again and again. All in all, Blue Moon Video Productions redefines wedding videography with innovative technology, personalized service, professionalism, and affordability. Their wedding video packages are designed to suit various needs and preferences. For a detailed quote, visit their website and discover a new way to capture your special day.

Address: New Jersey

Phone: 908-342-0798

Facebook: Blue Moon Video Productions

Instagram: Blue Moon Video Productions

Contact : Eddie Kantis

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Jersey City, NJ

Address: 186 Griffith St, Jersey City, NJ 07307

Phone: 862-244-5897

Facebook: Live Picture Studios

Instagram: Live Picture Studios

Contact : Jean Cingari

Address: 282 7th St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone: 201-399-4477

Facebook: Visualize Media

Instagram: Visualize Media

Contact : Anthony Rizo

Address: 150 Bay St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone: 917-254-0118

Facebook: Towards The Moon

Instagram: Towards The Moon

Contact : Averie Cole

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Sparta, NJ

In the picturesque town of Sparta, Anthony Ziccardi Studios stands as a beacon of photographic artistry. Anthony, fueled by a lifelong passion for photography, embarked on a journey that led to the establishment of one of New Jersey’s most revered studios. From his early days as a graphic designer to becoming an esteemed educator, Anthony’s transition into the world of weddings was serendipitous. Today, AZS is a testament to excellence, earning accolades and the trust of couples seeking a visual storyteller. With a dedicated team, Anthony Ziccardi Studios continues to craft narratives that transcend time, solidifying its position as a sought-after name in capturing the essence of love stories.

Address: 3 Theatre Centre, Sparta, NJ 07871

Phone: 973-726-4111

Facebook: Anthony Ziccardi Studios

Instagram: Anthony Ziccardi Studios

Contact : Anthony Ziccardi

In the heart of Sparta, Booth Crew Productions stands as a creative powerhouse dedicated to delivering unparalleled content. Renowned for exceeding client expectations, the team thrives on producing unique and engaging narratives. Adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape, they specialize in crafting content for various platforms, ensuring each piece resonates with the intended audience. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to detail, Booth Crew Productions brings stories to life with cinematic quality. From marketing campaigns to live-streamed events, their passion for storytelling shines through, making them a trusted choice for those seeking dynamic and compelling visual experiences.

Address: 9 Frederick Pl, Sparta Township, NJ 07871

Phone: 973-721-9994

Facebook: Booth Crew Productions

Instagram: Booth Crew Productions

Contact : Matt & Zach

For over a decade, The Bleu Studio has been a beacon of creativity, serving couples in the Tri-State Area and beyond. From Bergen County to Hudson County, New Jersey, and beyond, their expert photographers have been capturing the essence of weddings since 2007. What sets The Bleu Studio apart is their unwavering commitment to turning each moment into photographic art. Inspired by fashion and art photography, their team ensures that every image tells a unique story, brimming with genuine emotions and vibrant expressions. The Bleu Studio not only captures ceremonies but transforms them into timeless works of art through professional retouching. With studios in Wayne and Sparta, NJ, they invite couples to embark on a journey to choose the perfect wedding photographer, promising a blend of experience, modernity, and artistic flair. Contact The Bleu Studio today to start your wedding photography experience!

Address: Sparta, NJ

Phone: 973-406-9919

Facebook: The Bleu Studio

Instagram: The Bleu Studio

Contact : Brian & James

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West Orange, NJ

Address: West Orange, NJ

Phone: 917-579-2128

Facebook: Creative Image Productions

Instagram: Creative Image Productions

Contact : Amir Goldstein

Address: New Jersey

Facebook: Jessah & Jason - Photo + Video

Instagram: Jessah & Jason - Photo + Video

Contact : Jessah & Jason

Contact : Nathan Supan

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Monmouth County, NJ

Address: 2404 Metedeconk Ct, Freehold Township, NJ 07728

Phone: 732-614-5600

Facebook: Lorenzo Media Productions

Instagram: Lorenzo Media Productions

Contact : Gregory & Dierdra

Address: Monmouth County, NJ

Facebook: Simple Love Films

Instagram: Simple Love Films

Contact : Dom

Address: 1 William St, Highlands, NJ 07732

Phone: 609-222-5871

Facebook: Revel Studios

Instagram: Revel Studios

Contact : Michael & Mark

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South Nj, NJ

Proudly serving New Jersey, the East Coast, and worldwide destinations, Focalbrite is the best choice for joyous and kindhearted couples. Established in 2018, Tom and Lauren have thrived on providing the best experience for people who love fearless and push the boundaries of traditional weddings. You’ll adore the artistic style crafted with heart and purpose when you select Focalbrite. These skilled wedding videographers in Southern New Jersey preserve your love in a timeless, authentic way, offering both videography and photographer services. You can discuss your location, hours of coverage, film length, album design, and all the fine details with Tom and Lauren today! They can’t wait to hear your unique love story and document your wedding. 

Address: New Jersey

Phone: 856-761-7792

Facebook: Focalbrite

Instagram: Focalbrite

Contact : Tom & Lauren

Rely on Anthony, the artistic visionary behind AntVision Media, for a timeless collection of your love. With years of experience, a creative eye for detail, and state-of-the-art equipment, you can count on this popular wedding videographer in Southern New Jersey. Custom packages are available so you can have exactly what you desire, including the best quality content. Specializing in premium video production services for weddings, you can request an award-winning videographer and photographer from AntVision Media. Anthony’s commitment to delivering a product that exceeds expectations and preserves the magic of the wedding day makes them the top choice for couples seeking a wedding videographer who can turn their love story into a cinematic masterpiece.

Address: New Jersey

Phone: 856-506-5044

Facebook: AntVision Media

Instagram: AntVision Media

Contact : Anthony Flores

Trust a husband-wife team to understand each wedding is a unique celebration. Darrell and Emily have been in business since 2009, filming over 400 weddings across 18 states. 10Eighteen Weddings specializes in custom, handcrafted wedding films that are carefully curated to reflect your true love and connection as a couple. These professional wedding videographers in Southern New Jersey have an emphasis on attention to detail and an unobtrusive method that allows you to relax and enjoy your day. They promise to capture each special moment in a creative and cinematic way, meticulously crafting a timeless film you cherish. As passionate filmmakers, you can expect a spectacular video from 10Eighteen Weddings. 

Address: Galloway, NJ

Phone: 609-432-5980

Facebook: 10Eighteen Weddings

Instagram: 10Eighteen Weddings

Contact : Darrell & Emily

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Long Beach Island, NJ

Address: Long Beach Island, NJ

Phone: 609-312-8279

Facebook: 18 Mile Media

Instagram: 18 Mile Media

Contact : Connor Morgan

Address: Long Beach Island, NJ

Facebook: Flagship Studios

Instagram: Flagship Studios

Contact : Michael

Address: New Jersey

Phone: 908-342-0798

Facebook: Blue Moon Video Productions

Instagram: Blue Moon Video Productions

Contact : Eddie Kantis

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Asbury Park, NJ

Dedicated to crafting high-quality and stunning visuals for your wedding day, MK Flav Wedding Films is the epitome of cinematic excellence in Asbury Park, NJ. As passionate videographers, they specialize in creating compelling cinematographic love stories that resonate with couples who recognize the enduring value of video documentation. MK Flav works seamlessly with those who understand the significance of immortalizing their special day through the artistry of film. With an unwavering commitment to preserving moments that transcend time, MK Flav Wedding Films stands as a top choice for couples seeking to capture the essence of their love story through expertly crafted and visually captivating wedding films.

Address: Asbury Park, NJ

Facebook: MK Flav Wedding Films

Instagram: MK Flav Wedding Films

Contact : Marvin Flavien

Entrust your special day to the artistry of Pure Shots Studio in Asbury Park, NJ, where moments that defy words are expertly captured. With a commitment to excellence, they specialize in wedding videography and photography, offering a seamless blend of skill and passion. Pure Shots Studio goes beyond documentation; they create an immersive experience, ensuring your memories are preserved with the utmost care. Your wedding day is a mosaic of emotions, and Pure Shots Studio is dedicated to encapsulating those irreplaceable moments that tell your unique love story. Choose Pure Shots Studio for an enchanting visual journey that transcends the ordinary, allowing you to relive the magic of your wedding day for years to come.

Address: Asbury Park, NJ

Phone: 732-788-8531

Facebook: Pure Shots Studio

Instagram: Pure Shots Studio

Contact : Pure Shots Studio Team

Discover the magic of wedding cinematography with Blue Moon Video Productions in Asbury Park, NJ. Pioneering the cinematic wedding video trend, they transform traditional recordings into artistic masterpieces resembling captivating movies. Elevating storytelling through creative shots, slow-motion, aerial drone footage, and personalized music, Blue Moon captures the day’s emotions and atmosphere, crafting a timeless narrative. Their videos, lasting 15 to 30 minutes, offer a dynamic, engaging experience perfect for relieving cherished moments. Providing not just a record but an immersive story, Blue Moon Video Productions ensures couples and their loved ones can enjoy and share the magic of their wedding day for years to come.

Address: New Jersey

Phone: 908-342-0798

Facebook: Blue Moon Video Productions

Instagram: Blue Moon Video Productions

Contact : Eddie Kantis

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Spring Lake, NJ

Nestled in the heart of Spring Lake, Off BEET Productions stands as a beacon of creativity, founded by the dynamic duo, Kate and Denny. A fusion of a DJ and filmmaker with a seasoned wedding photographer, this powerhouse team is rewriting the narrative of wedding storytelling. As dreamers and risk-takers, Kate and Denny bring their passion for music, travel, and art into every frame, ensuring that each wedding becomes an unforgettable masterpiece. Collaborating with award-winning professionals, Off BEET Productions promises not just a wedding film but an epic experience, where love and creativity intertwine to paint a canvas of lasting memories for every couple they encounter.

Address: 1212 Mohegan Rd, Manasquan, NJ 08736

Phone: 732-530-0110

Facebook: Off BEET Productions

Instagram: Off BEET Productions

Contact : Kate & Denny

Meet Kevin Rigby, the visionary videographer behind Wavelight Studio, nestled in the scenic Manasquan, New Jersey. A devoted father of two beautiful girls, Kevin turned his passion for documenting precious moments into a thriving profession. Specializing in a diverse range of video and photo services, Wavelight Studio caters to commercial projects, event coverage, weddings, and non-profit initiatives. From grand events to intimate affairs, Kevin approaches each project with an artistic flair, ensuring that no moment is too big or too small to be beautifully captured. Wavelight Studio, where every frame is a testament to Kevin’s dedication to transforming ordinary moments into timeless works of visual art.

Address: Manasquan, NJ

Phone: 609-707-1652

Facebook: Wavelight Studio

Instagram: Wavelight Studio

Contact : Kevin Rigby

At J&R Videography, the sole passion is to encapsulate the essence of beautiful imagery through the lens of video and photography. Specializing in perfection, J&R Videography offers professional, seamless, and affordable packages tailored to your special day. Beyond weddings, they extend their expertise to various events, ensuring each moment is captured with unparalleled precision. Your wedding day, enriched in stunning HD, is transformed into a cinematic story, crafted to be cherished. With a diverse range of styles, including cinematic and documentary, and the use of drones, J&R Videography stands as the optimal choice for those seeking not just videos but timeless visual narratives.

Address: Freehold, NJ

Phone: 908-907-0266

Facebook: J&R Videography

Instagram: J&R Videography

Contact : Jesse Rafter

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Jersey Shore, NJ

Revel Studios stands out in the world of wedding videography. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, they artistically blend emotions, ambiance, and breathtaking views into wedding videos that leave you spellbound. Their professionalism and commitment to capturing your day’s magic make them a top choice in Jersey Shore.

They organize multiple creative meetings to ensure they bring your vision to life, allowing you to relax and revel in the moment. Not just that, their use of slow motion, time-lapse, and real-time techniques, along with aerial footage, adds grandeur and drama to your cinematic films. Let Revel Studios turn your wedding into a captivating masterpiece.

Address: New Jersey

Phone: 609-222-5871

Facebook: Revel Studios

Instagram: Revel Studios

Contact : Michael & Mark

With over a decade of expertise, Lorenzo Media Productions is a torchbearer of modern wedding videography. Their mission revolves around crafting timeless films that capture the raw emotions of your wedding day, ensuring that every viewing feels like a journey back in time. Lorenzo and his team are experts at creating a comfortable atmosphere, allowing them to capture genuine, spontaneous emotions and excitement. They have been the trusted choice of hundreds of couples for documenting their once-in-a-lifetime moments. Furthermore, they offer an online menu for music selection that makes your wedding video a truly personal experience. Visit their website for pricing details, and let them create a masterpiece you’ll cherish for generations.

Address: 2404 Metedeconk Ct, Freehold Township, NJ 07728

Phone: 732-614-5600

Facebook: Lorenzo Media Productions

Instagram: Lorenzo Media Productions

Contact : Gregory & Dierdra

New Jersey Videography stands as a symbol of excellence in wedding videography across the New Jersey area. Their dedication to making your wedding video naturally beautiful without artificial staging reflects their commitment to authenticity. They skillfully merge cinematic and professional documentary styles to create artistic films with breathtaking colors and sharp resolution, allowing you to relive your magical day at every viewing. 

Furthermore, by capturing every event leading up to your wedding, they transform your video into a heartfelt love story. With customizable packages, including a Same Day Edit option, they offer exceptional service at affordable prices. Overall, New Jersey Videography ensures your cherished memories are preserved for a lifetime. Contact them for pricing inquiries and witness your love story unfold on screen.

Address: 221 River Street, 9th Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Phone: 732-986-6332

Facebook: New Jersey Videography

Instagram: New Jersey Videography

Contact : Alex

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Cape May, NJ

Embrace Love Wedding Productions for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Their unwavering professionalism, unwavering dedication, and genuine passion for their craft are evident in every frame they skillfully capture. Love Wedding Productions offers a range of packages to suit your preferences, spanning from four to ten hours of coverage and the option for multiple videographers. Your wedding journey from preparations to the ceremony and reception is expertly documented. You’ll receive a captivating highlight reel encompassing the most significant moments, including the ceremony, dances, and speeches. Love Wedding Productions also offers the option for drone footage, the timeless allure of super 8 film, and the creation of a full-length wedding documentary to preserve your precious memories.

Address: Cape May, NJ

Phone: 609-408-7575

Facebook: Love Wedding Productions

Instagram: Love Wedding Productions

Contact : Tristan

Say yes to purposeful and authentic films from these top-rated wedding videographers in Cape May. Across the Bay Films has an award-winning style encompassing your emotions with an artistic eye. Traveling worldwide for destination weddings, Across the Bay Film is ideal for adventurous and passionate people in love. What truly sets Across the Bay Films apart is their unwavering commitment to creating wedding videos that not only document the day but also stir the same heartfelt emotions, making every viewing a profoundly moving experience. Their dedication to delivering a product that exceeds expectations and preserves the magic of the wedding day makes them the top choice for couples seeking a Cape May wedding videographer. 

Address: Cape May, NJ

Facebook: Across the Bay Films

Instagram: Across the Bay Films

Contact : Ivan

Depend on a family-owned and operated company with over 20 years of experience to deliver personalized attention to detail. Martin’s Wedding Videos offers quality wedding videos at affordable prices. Specializing in documentary-style films, you will be able to relive all of the romance and fun moments of your wedding day. These trained and talented professionals understand how to capture your love. Multiple packages are available from Martin’s Wedding Videos. You can receive a full version of your wedding day with edited chapters, a highlight recap that you can share online, and more. Ask about a two-camera cinematic option with 10 hours of coverage or a video and photo bundle from Martin’s Wedding Videos.

Address: Cape May, NJ

Phone: 609-576-6601

Facebook: Martin's Wedding Videos

Instagram: Martin's Wedding Videos

Contact : John & Dawn

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