At Harvest Wedding Films, Jeremiah, Josie, Amanda, and Alexander fuse their individual talents to bring wedding videography services to the greater Minneapolis area. Aware of their role in the long-simmering love stories of their clients, the team at Harvest Wedding Films chose their name for the part they play in helping couples “reap the harvest” of their romance. Prices for their platinum, gold, and silver packages are available upon inquiry.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: 612-927-2908

Social: Harvest Wedding Films

Profile: Harvest Wedding Films

Contact : Jeremiah Schuster

Redmond Digital Media is a wedding videography service based in Minneapolis headed up by married couple Mycah and Bobby, who met on a mission trip to Mexico at age 13 and have spent their lives since then pursuing cinematography and shooting weddings together. They feel strongly about forming special bonds with their clients in order to capture each couple’s unique romance, and the results of that trust formation are evident in their wedding videos.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: 952-270-5057

Social: Redmond Digital Media

Profile: Redmond Digital Media

Contact : Bobby & Mycah

Hard Copy Film Co. is a wedding videography outlet located in Minneapolis. It is run by two best friends, both veterans of action sports cinematography. The team at Hard Copy Film Co. uses their experience across mediums to capture the beautifully cinematic qualities of weddings for their clients, collecting consistent accolades along the way. There are various packages for you to choose from, with plenty of add-ons available.

Address: 10 E 26th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Phone: 612-751-9699

Social: Hard Copy Film Co.

Profile: Hard Copy Film Co.

Contact : Michael

Alpine Media Company is a wedding videography company based in Minneapolis owned and operated by videographer Ali Lysdahl. With an educational background in cinematography and an abiding enthusiasm for love stories, Ali at Alpine Media Company offers flexibility and versatility for her clients, even offering her services for destination weddings.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: 612-345-1008

Social: Alpine Media Company

Profile: Alpine Media Company

Contact : Ali Lysdahl

Savstrom Studios is a Minneapolis-based wedding videography company headed up by husband-and-wife team Colleen and Steve. Passionate about conveying each couple’s unique story, they offer several wedding packages for you to choose from. Each offers a minimum of 1 videographer and 8 hours of continuous coverage, as well as a highlight film and a teaser film.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: 651-428-2615

Social: Savstrom Studios

Profile: Savstrom Studios

Contact : Colleen & Steve

At Sky Blue Weddings, Tyler, Miles, Gabrielle, and Jenna collaborate to provide their clients with top-shelf wedding videography services for Minneapolis-local weddings. Melding their personalities and artistic sensibilities, the four filmers behind Sky Blue Weddings offer their ten years of experience, ultra-modern cameras and audio recording equipment, and attentiveness to the finer details to all of their clients. With several packages available for couples to choose from, Sky Blue Weddings gives their clients a wide range of options for their celebration.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: 651-200-8126

Social: Sky Blue Weddings

Profile: Sky Blue Weddings

Contact : Tyler Clements

Dillan Ray Film is a wedding videography company based in Minneapolis run by Dillan Ray himself. Praised by clients as “extremely professional,” “considerate,” and with a unique “attention to detail,” Dillan offers three packages covering both the essentials and the luxury amenities.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: 612-439-3184

Social: Dillan Ray Film

Profile: Dillan Ray Film

Contact : Dillan Ray

At Peterson Brothers Productions, the four Peterson brothers take the term “family business” to the next level. Providing wedding videography services to the greater Minneapolis area, Nate, Bill, Joe, and Nick work hand in glove with one another, shooting over 200 weddings and picking up accolades from major national journalistic outposts, a popular wedding publication, two years in a row. With a variety of packages and features for you to choose from, Peterson Brothers Productions offers just about any service you could dream up!

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: 651-442-3802

Social: Peterson Brothers Productions

Profile: Peterson Brothers Productions

Contact : Nick Peterson

Love Infinity Films is a Minneapolis-based wedding videography company helmed by Kyndra, her husband, and two “film buffs,” as she describes them. They pool their talents and resources to help their clients benefit from their love and excitement for cinematic-style wedding filmmaking. Offering several packages, Love Infinity Films prizes customizability and versatility, ensuring your wedding video will look and feel just how you want it.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Social: Love Infinity Films

Profile: Love Infinity Films

Contact : Kyndra

At Voyageur Motion Pictures, a wedding videography company based in Minneapolis, Kealani will attend to all of your filming, editing, and production needs on the big day. Video packages include a full day of videography, aerial footage, and a highlight reel. She also prioritizes forming meaningful relationships with her clients, or, in her words: “It’s really important to me to vibe well with the couples I work with.” At Voyageur, Kealani synthesizes the professional and personal to provide her clients with a unique, individualized wedding day experience.

Address: Saint Paul, MN

Phone: 612-470-3314

Social: Voyageur Motion Pictures

Profile: Voyageur Motion Pictures

Contact : Kealani Burgos

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After the wedding win and the honeymoon high, your return to reality post-wedding might be a real mood killer. But with a wedding video to look forward to, you can always boost your spirits by opening up that file or popping in that DVD and reliving every little moment of that magical day. Pressing pause, zooming in, rewinding, and replaying, you can reenact your wedding over and over and over again as if it never ended! That’s why we hope you consider hiring a Minneapolis-local wedding videographer to capture your special day and help you cherish those precious memories.

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