Generation NOW Entertainment is one of the most prominent wedding DJ companies in the greater Minneapolis metropolitan area, and a ton of team members make up the staff of this business. All of these team members collaborate with one another and with clients to create the perfect party atmosphere for a wedding reception in the local area through services that include four QSC speakers, 4 QSC subwoofers, and vertical steel trussing. They also offer custom lighting, music videos, an emcee, wireless microphones, six wired uplights, and even more. With all of these luxury amenities on offer, there’s no reason not to go with Generation NOW Entertainment for a taste of the sweet life at wedding receptions of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Address: 816 West Lake Street #202, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Phone: (612) 730-2418

Social: Generation NOW Entertainment

Contact : Nicholas Dircz

Look no further than DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment for some of the most professional and highly skilled wedding DJ services in the greater Minneapolis metropolitan area. Packages include a karaoke machine option with two wireless microphones, a 55,000 song database, and a fog machine. They also offer a generator, two pro audio speakers, uplighting, photo booth rentals, and, of course, the services of one of the special DJs and emcees on staff. With DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment, quality is guaranteed, and fun is ensured with the sheer amount of services and amenities offered for wedding receptions in and around Minneapolis.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: (763) 438-7146

Social: DJ Sound Productions & Entertainment

Contact : Luke

Manny Duke is one of the most sought-after wedding DJ service providers in and around Minneapolis. Boasting tons of experience with live events and concerts of all kinds, Manny Duke has also worked on tons of weddings, where he combines his genuine passion for live music with his natural abilities as an emcee and entertainer. The result is that wedding receptions will stretch on into the night with a high level of energy generated by the personality, whimsy, and thoughtfulness of his services as an emcee and DJ. For all of this and so much more, look no further than Manny Duke for upcoming wedding festivities across Minneapolis and beyond.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: (708) 704-7742

Social: Manny Duke

Contact : Manny Duke

Nothing can match the sheer sophistication of the DJ services on offer with A Ran Music Service, a DJ company specializing in wedding celebrations in and around Minneapolis. Packages include social hour music, reception dance music, dinner music, and state-of-the-art sound equipment and professional sound engineers to monitor it. They also offer dance floor lighting, microphones, professional emcee services, and a personalized planning guide to smooth out the wedding planning process from start to finish. A Ran Music Service is a great choice for wedding celebrations in and around Minneapolis for an incredible evening of music and festive fun.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: (763) 574-0344

Social: A Ran Music Service

Contact : Niki Frost

Beautiful Day DJs is a Minneapolis-based DJ company with tons of experience in the music and emcee services required for a fun wedding reception. Custom packages include unlimited playing time with no hourly charge, travel in the greater Minneapolis metropolitan area, social hour music, and grand entrance emcee speeches. They also offer dinner music, lighting and sound equipment, dance music throughout the evening, setup and tear-down, access to online music selection for a custom-curated playlist, and so much more. With four devoted DJs on staff, Beautiful Day DJs is a safe bet for a festive evening of entertainment and music.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: (612) 819-5191

Social: Beautiful Day DJs

Contact : Noah Persson

For some of the most highly skilled DJ services on the market for wedding receptions of all shapes, sizes, and styles, J.Juice Music is the perfect option. This business was founded back in 2014. Since then, lead DJ Jamar and his team have provided bespoke music and emcee services for wedding receptions across the Minneapolis area and beyond. Amenities on offer include digital monogram projection, both wash, and wireless uplighting, and LED lights. They also offer an open-air photo booth for rental and much more. When it comes to bespoke playlists, professional customer service, and a friendly attitude, J.Juice Music is a go-to for Minneapolis-based wedding parties.

Address: P.O. Box 7297, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Phone: (651) 202-1394

Social: J.Juice Music and Entertainment

Contact : Jamar

Transmission Music is one of Minneapolis’s most trusted wedding DJ service providers, staffed by a dedicated team of DJs who can tackle weddings of any shape and size. For weddings, their team can collaborate closely with clients to ensure that all of the music choices and emcee stylings are in line with the expectations of the happy couple. Specializing in the careful creation of a party atmosphere that will keep all guests excited and present in the moment, Transmission Music is an ideal choice of wedding DJ company for upcoming wedding festivities across Minneapolis and beyond.

Address: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: (612) 804-1444

Social: Transmission Music

Contact : Jake Rudh

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For wedding DJ services with a touch of flair and artistic elegance, you don’t need to look any further than this list of the top wedding DJs in and around Minneapolis! With access to this list, you and your partner won’t have to worry that your DJ services will be anything less than spectacular for your special day. 

You shouldn’t have to settle for less on your wedding day, and with this carefully curated list of the very best of the best in your local area, you won’t have to. We hope you enjoyed reading through this list and gathered together some ideas for your prospective wedding DJ. We wish you all the very best of luck as you continue along your wedding planning process!

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