CreatedFour is a wedding videography company based in Tampa, offering additional services to Atlanta and New York as well as destination wedding services all over the map. With top-shelf equipment and a team of seasoned professionals, CreatedFour brings an expert’s eye to the weddings they film. Enquire online for information about pricing and package options.

Address: 1646 W Snow Ave #143, Tampa, FL 33606

Phone: 813-465-0833

Social: CreatedFour

Profile: CreatedFour

Contact : Thang & Liza

At Kemari Lyn Films, Kemari and her husband Jacob provide wedding videography services to Tampa, Naples, Sarasota, Orlando, Miami, and beyond. Kemari uses her background, a B.A. in Motion Picture Arts Production, to lend a filmmaker’s perspective to the wedding videos that she and Jacob create for their clients. Fill out the contact form on their website for a quote.

Address: Tampa, FL

Phone: 407-760-3644

Social: Kemari Lyn Films

Profile: Kemari Lyn Films

Contact : Kemari Lyn

J&S Media is a wedding videography company located in Tampa owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Jennifer and Scott. With over a hundred wedding films shot since their founding in 2016, the team at J&S Media is passionate about fulfilling their equal parts in making their clients’ weddings pop on camera. There are several packages available, with the most expensive including photography services and all packages including aerial drone footage, music, and high-quality audio and lighting. 

Address: Tampa, FL

Phone: 727-245-0338

Social: J&S Media

Profile: J&S Media

Contact : Jennifer & Scott

At Imagery Wedding Films, the Tampa-based wedding videography operations are led by married couple James and Katie, who carry their love for one another into their craft, infusing each wedding video with love and care. With their own wedding and the resulting film still a recent memory in their minds, the team at Imagery Wedding Films feels passionate about creating each video from the ground up, focusing on the most unique, compelling parts of their clients’ relationships. Inquire on their website for information about pricing and packages.

Address: Tampa, FL

Phone: 862-432-7337

Social: Imagery Wedding Films

Profile: Imagery Wedding Films

Contact : James & Katie

Allure Cinema is a wedding videography company based in Tampa, with travel availability, helmed by professional videographer Malachi Cull. Using an “impromptu approach,” the team at Allure Cinema imbues their videos with an organic, authentic energy that combines the professionalism of their technique with the personal touch of a dedicated filmmaker. If you’re looking for more information, you can contact them via their phone number, their website, and social media.

Address: Tampa, FL

Phone: 321-474-2266

Social: Allure Cinema

Profile: Allure Cinema

Contact : Malachi Cull

At RTB Visuals, 21-year-old entrepreneur Tanner Picerno heads up the videography services, lending his personal touch to weddings in and around Tampa. With experience filming music videos and promotional shoots, RTB Visuals brings a distinct sensibility to the craft of videography, documenting weddings from unique vantage points and unexpected angles with a documentarian’s clarity and precision. Enquire online for pricing information.

Address: Tampa, FL

Phone: 727-364-9148

Social: RTB Visuals

Profile: RTB Visuals

Contact : Tanner Picerno

Logan Thomas Films is a wedding videography company located in Tampa owned by Logan Thomas himself. An experienced filmmaker enthusiastic about representing each couple’s emotional spectrum for whom he provides his videography services, Logan offers various packages and a menu of add-ons such as a ceremony wedding film, a one-minute long wedding trailer, and a second cinematographer.

Address: Tampa, FL

Phone: 813-480-1167

Social: Logan Thomas Films

Profile: Logan Thomas Films

Contact : Logan Thomas

At ASO Creative, wedding videographer Allen R. Johnson serves soon-to-be-married couples in and around Tampa. Described by a client as “one of the family,” Allen at ASO Creative goes above and beyond to make his clients comfortable and make himself both professionally and emotionally available to their needs and requests. Prices are available upon inquiry through the ASO Creative website.

Address: Tampa, FL

Phone: 813-943-1780

Social: ASO Creative

Profile: ASO Creative

Interview: 10 Questions with ASO Creative

Contact : Allen Johnson

Dream Reel Video Productions is a wedding videography company based in Tampa, boasting critical award wins three years in a row. Helmed by “dream team” Aubrey, Mike, and Jamie, Dream Reel Video Productions brings over 35 years of on-the-ground experience to the table. They thoroughly lay out blueprints for the wedding video long before your celebration, ensuring that not a moment is missed and nary an expense is spared. There are several packages and add-ons available from an a la carte menu. Dream Reel Video Productions pulls out all the stops to capture your wedding.

Address: Tampa, FL

Phone: 813-530-5402

Social: Dream Reel Video Productions

Profile: Dream Reel Video Productions

Contact : Aubrey Custalow

Every marriage has a meaningful story, and these Tampa wedding videographers intend to tell yours in the most authentically beautiful way. This team of experts takes a subtle and unobtrusive approach to documenting your special moments, so they are there for you but not in your face. With cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and the latest drones, you’ll receive cinematography unlike you’ve ever seen before, thanks to Labif Filmhouse. They are excited to build a relationship with you, travel for you, and embark on a journey to capture your unique celebration. Elopement collections and live streaming options are available as well as custom options from this passionate team of film enthusiasts. Expect authentic luxury wedding videos from Labif Filmhouse.

Address: 970 Lake Carillon Dr Suite 300, St. Petersburg, FL 33716

Phone: 813-999-0012

Facebook: Labif Filmhouse

Instagram: Labif Filmhouse

Contact : Devon

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With so many fabulous options from which to choose, the only question left is: How will you narrow it down to just one? 

We wish you all the luck and love in the world for your upcoming wedding, and we hope you find a wedding videographer who will make your special day sparkle in posterity!

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