Specializing in weddings, Johnny and his team of dedicated filmmakers and drone pilots can’t wait to hear your love story and capture your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Since 2013, these top-rated wedding videographers in New Haven really love what they do! Passionate about their craft, they have happily captured all types of weddings. With an unwavering commitment to capturing the emotional essence of each moment, Cinematic Horizon Films transforms ordinary scenes into captivating narratives. From teasers to highlight films and video books, you can receive incredible products you will cherish forever. Full-day packages are available from a Cinematic Wedding. Ask about custom options, so you get precisely what you desire! You’ll share your cinematic, story-driven wedding film for generations.

Address: New Haven, CT

Phone: 203-654-9076

Facebook: A Cinematic Wedding

Instagram: A Cinematic Wedding

Contact : Johnny

Rely on a family-owned company for personalized service and affordable rates. These New Haven wedding videographers consist of trained professionals passionate about documenting fleeting moments. With a commitment to quality, creativity, and excellence, you can rely on Toast Wedding Films for your celebration. Packages include six to ten hours of coverage, one or two videographers, a two- to eight-minute highlight film, a documentary edit featuring ceremony and reception highlights, and a one-minute teaser. Feel free to add drone coverage, extra hours, raw footage, motion books, and more. Toast Wedding Films stand out as a trusted name, ensuring that each frame is a testament to the beauty and significance of every story they tell.

Address: Connecticut

Phone: 833-888-6278

Facebook: Toast Wedding Films

Instagram: Toast Wedding Films

Contact : Julianna Oates

Creative, attentive, and affordable are just a few ways to describe these top-rated wedding videographers in New Haven. Ben Teaford Productions has proudly served the area for over 16 years. He understands how to document your special moments and turn them into everlasting memories. With award-winning services and customizable packages, Ben guarantees you will receive your dream wedding video. Ben Teaford Productions stands out as the pinnacle of wedding videography, offering an unparalleled blend of creativity, technical expertise, and heartfelt storytelling. With a deep understanding of the significance of each couple’s unique love story, Ben Teaford transforms wedding moments into cinematic masterpieces. Ben goes beyond the conventional, creating immersive experiences that beautifully encapsulate the essence of your journey. 

Address: Connecticut

Facebook: Ben Teaford Productions

Instagram: Ben Teaford Productions

Contact : Ben Teaford Productions Team

Say yes to a handcrafted masterpiece that tells your story with remarkable sophistication and elegance! Maison and Libbe are the married couple behind Love Story Cinematic. They tailor shots according to your specific requests, ensuring you love every second of your big day. You’ll fall in love with your emotional and inspiring film every time you watch it. You can receive coverage of preparations, first looks, the ceremony, and the reception. With a cinematic style that showcases your raw emotion, natural beauty, and genuine connection, Love Story Cinematic vows to exceed your expectations. For couples seeking the finest in wedding videography, Love Story Cinematic stands as the indisputable choice, delivering an unmatched visual journey that transcends the ordinary.

Address: Connecticut

Instagram: Love Story Cinematic

Contact : Maison & Libbe

Oleg is the creative talent behind Cinematic Horizon Films, with over six years of experience as an industry leader. He emerges as a beacon of excellence in the world of videography, specializing in crafting cinematic experiences that transcend conventional storytelling. With a visionary approach and keen attention to detail, Cinematic Horizon Films elevates each wedding moment into a timeless work of art. You can get four to eight hours of coverage, cinematographers, videographers, three cameras, professional audio, drone footage, custom USB drives, downloadable links, and more. Every package from Cinematic Horizon Films can be customized to fit your specific needs. Fall in love with a story-driven film that is candid, romantic, and cinematic! 

Address: Connecticut

Phone: 413-302-0664

Facebook: Cinematic Horizon Films

Instagram: Cinematic Horizon Films

Contact : Cinematic Horizon Films Team

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As the echoes of love reverberate through the streets of New Haven, choosing the best wedding videographers emerges as a pivotal element in preserving the essence of your special day. Their lenses capture moments and encapsulate the unique narrative of your love story against the charming backdrop of this historic city. 

As you reminisce about the joy and beauty of your New Haven wedding, the decision to entrust your memories to the best videographers becomes a timeless investment. In the hands of these skilled artisans, your love story transforms into a visual masterpiece, echoing the enchantment of your wedding day for generations to come. 

Contact your favorite wedding videographers in New Haven. Inquire about package details, prices, and date availability until you find one that matches your needs. 

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