Boulder, CO

Dgass Photography & Videography, based in Denver, stands out as a premier choice for couples seeking authentic wedding documentation. With a dedicated approach, their team ensures a natural feel in both candid images and films. Specializing in capturing the essence of couples who may be camera-shy, DGP crafts personalized timelines and offers expert guidance, creating an unforgettable wedding experience. Their curated team, reflecting a decade of experience, shares the brand’s passion and professionalism. David Gass, the founder, personally oversees editing, guaranteeing each image and film receives meticulous attention. Choose Dgass Photography & Videography for a seamless and heartfelt portrayal of your special day.

Address: Boulder, CO

Phone: 402-708-8812

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Contact : David

Capturing the magic in moments, Laurel Wedding Films, based in Boulder, CO, brings a refreshing approach to wedding videography. With a commitment to genuine emotions, there’s no forced posing or clichés—just the cozy, sweet, funny, and heartwarming love shared by each unique couple. Filming discreetly with minimal equipment, Laurel documents weddings from the inside, valuing the significance of small, candid moments alongside the grand ones. With seven years of full-time wedding film experience and a background in music video and narrative direction, Laurel’s unconventional style attracts couples seeking something different. Embrace the unconventional and let Laurel Wedding Films weave your love story effortlessly.

Address: Boulder, CO

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Contact : Laurel Cohen

Celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary, Francis Sylvest, a Boulder-based wedding photographer and videographer, goes beyond traditional norms. Austin Francis Sylves, the creative force, rejects wedding day clichés, opting for a laid-back approach that minimizes posing and embraces authenticity. Specializing in elopements and intimate weddings, Austin is not just a professional but a husband, friend, and destination wedding cinematographer and photographer. With a keen eye for overlooked moments, he crafts cinematic legacies that reveal the intricate details of each couple’s journey. For a wedding experience that breathes life into the mundane and captures the genuine essence of your story, choose Francis Sylvest.

Address: Boulder, CO

Phone: 985-515-8671

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Contact : Francis Sylvest

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Estes Park, CO

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Estes Park, Colorado, Warwick Adventures stands out as a premier wedding videography service. With a deep appreciation for the town’s natural beauty and the Rocky Mountain National Park’s majestic surroundings, they specialize in capturing the essence of your special day. Having documented numerous weddings in this enchanting area, Warwick Adventures is well-versed in creating cinematic memories that reflect the romance of Colorado’s mountainous terrain. Whether you’re planning an intimate elopement or a grand celebration, their expertise and passion ensure a seamless blend of your love story with the picturesque backdrop of Estes Park. Trust Warwick Adventures to transform your Colorado mountain dream wedding into an unforgettable visual masterpiece.

Address: Estes Park, CO

Phone: 720-212-8791

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Contact : Troy

Forget Me Not Media, a distinguished wedding videography team in Estes Park, Colorado, boasts a dynamic crew with over 12 years of professional storytelling experience. Collaborating with Academy Award winners, National Geographic photographers, and Hollywood film professionals, their expertise is unparalleled. However, what truly sets them apart is their eight-year journey creatively capturing the love stories of diverse couples worldwide. Whether traversing the globe or celebrating locally, Forget Me Not Media believes in the transformative power of each couple’s unique commitment to love. With a profound dedication to making the world a better place, they skillfully weave individual perspectives into captivating narratives, ensuring your wedding memories are truly extraordinary.

Address: Estes Park, CO

Phone: 303-907-1509

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Contact : Matt Talarico

Capturing the essence of love with cinematic finesse, Love Letter Film Co. emerges as a sought-after choice for Estes Park weddings. With over 15 years of collective expertise in filmmaking, photography, and audio production, Cody and Cory bring a unique blend of passion and professionalism. Their streamlined process ensures a stress-free collaboration, allowing couples to focus on the joy of their big day. Specializing in destination weddings, the duo’s love for travel and the great outdoors infuses a distinctive charm into their work. Beyond the lens, they share a love for culinary adventures, family time, and mountain escapades, reflecting the heartwarming touch they bring to every wedding film they craft.

Address: Estes Park, CO

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Contact : Cody & Cory

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Fort Collins, CO

Address: 335 Zeppelin Wy, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone: 970-545-6688

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Contact : Ryan M.

Address: 2530 Myrtle Ct, Fort Collins, CO 80521

Phone: 970-372-4882

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Contact : Matthew Kays

Address: 1306 Ash Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80521

Phone: 303-885-9325

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Contact : Cody

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Denver, CO

All Digital Photo and Video pride themselves on creative, emotional, and authentic videography for all couples. These expert videographers in Denver offer several wedding packages. The most elite feature eight hours of footage, two videographers, one highlight film, one documentary-style film, and complimentary drone footage. All come with free digital downloads delivered within 12 weeks of your event. Photo and video combo packages are also available. Ranked as one of Denver’s Best Photography and Videography companies, All Digital Photo and Video works hard to give you a seamless wedding video experience. They also offer multiple livestream packages if you have distant friends and family you’d like to include.

Address: Commerce City, CO 80022

Phone: 303-494-2320

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Contact : Devin

Sun Prairie Films is run by Michael Miller and Casey Miller. They specialize in wedding videography with joyful laughter and vibrant colors, dedicated to delivering high-quality, timeless wedding videos. This husband and wife team follows an unobstructive, documentary-style approach to filming your big day. To capture the real reactions and candid moments of couples and their loved ones, they shoot with a more “behind the scenes” style. The team uses lapel microphones to get clear audios to add a personable feel to your wedding videos or films.

Address: Denver, CO

Phone: 303-378-2964

Profile: Sun Prairie Films

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Contact : Michael

Wedding Videos Colorado is an award-winning and trusted team of professional videographers specializing in offering exceptional wedding films and videos. They use the latest handheld cameras with incredible sound quality and hold a creative eye to create stunning videos. Their cinematographers and editors follow a candid approach and cinematic style to add creativity to their projects. They mix documentary-style filming and cinematic filming to cover all special moments of your big day to produce timeless videos.

Address: Denver, CO

Phone: 720-295-4262

Profile: Wedding Videos Colorado

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Contact : Zac

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Aurora, CO

Address: Aurora, CO

Phone: 727-385-7753

Profile: Skyewater Photo + Film

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Contact : Kaitlyn

Address: Denver, CO (~23 mins from Aurora)

Phone: 720-229-8020

Profile: Homefield Weddings

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Contact : Johnny & Samantha

Address: 1968 Iola St, Aurora, CO 80010

Phone: 970-623-5871

Profile: Foster Creative

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Contact : Steven

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Colorado Springs, CO

Intimate gatherings and elopements are made easy thanks to Colorado Microweddings. Iver is the creative talent behind this preferred wedding company. He offers everything you need for a picture-perfect day, including epic films. Your professional videographer will curate a two- to three-minute cinematic highlight with music. Additional hours are available so you can capture each second. Colorado Microweddings helps you find the perfect ceremony spot, a photographer, officiant, flowers, cake, and more. He will also take care of the little stuff like parking permits, marriage licenses, and more. Together, you can brainstorm vendors, dinner menus, reception ideas, and so on until Iver secures all of the stuff you need. With over 500+ happy couples, you can trust his expertise.

Address: Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: 720-598-2862

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Contact : Iver Marjerison

This trained cinematographer specializes in wedding films, including destinations and elopements. Adam takes the extra time to make sure you have everything you desire. From capturing the beauty of the surroundings to the tenderness of your love, you will cherish each second of your film. As a top-rated wedding videographer in Colorado Springs, Adam goes above and beyond to deliver a personal experience followed by professional services. Adam Grumo Films offers various packages, including two videographers, cinematic films, and online delivery/download. Ask about 4K multicam full ceremony and toast edits. Extras include rehearsal dinner coverage, highlight trailers, unedited footage on a hard drive, archive edits, and DVDs.

Address: Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: 719-964-6971

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Contact : Adam Grumbo

Films About Love is a wedding videography company based in Colorado Springs and serving the greater Denver area. With a proven track record of over 200 weddings filmed and hundreds of satisfied couples, Films About Love is headed up by the aptly-named owner and lead videographer Michael Ring. For inquiries about pricing, fill out the contact form on the website, and Michael will get back to you with a quote.

Address: 613 E Monument St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Phone: 719-237-5159

Profile: Films About Love

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Michael Ring

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