Farris Wheel is one of the most sought after wedding venues to be found across Killeen and beyond, a great example of what a rustic and pastoral property can do to enhance the romantic atmosphere of a Killeen-based celebration. Farris Wheel is flanked by an exterior that is barnyard red, the perfect backdrop for wedding photos, while the interior space features an Austin-stone fireplace, glass-paned overhead doors allowing natural light to flood in, a massive dance floor, and a built-in bar made of South Texas mesquite. With accommodations for up to 200 seated guests, and access to tables and chairs to seat all guests in attendance, Farris Wheel is an affordable wedding venue with over 7,200 square feet of event space in which to host an unforgettably beautiful wedding party.

Address: 13682 Maxdale Road, Killeen, TX 76549

Phone: 254-681-4833

Facebook: Farris Wheel

Contact : Gerald & Ann Farris

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, the Killeen Civic & Conference Center is a glamorous event space with massive facilities that can host parties of limitless romance and beauty. The Killeen Civic & Conference Center is staffed by a team of event professionals who can assist couples throughout their wedding planning process in order to ensure a smoothly executed wedding planning process from start to finish. The Killeen Civic & Conference Center can host parties of up to 300 seated guests within its ballroom event spaces, which can include use of the in-house catering teams and planning staff to guarantee that every element of the wedding party will be handled when working with this venue.

Address: 3601 S WS Young Dr, Killeen, TX 76542

Phone: 254-501-3888

Facebook: Killeen Civic & Conference Center

Contact : Kathie Mulheron

The Social Instance is a charming wedding venue located in Killeen with a track record of excellence when it comes to hosting wedding celebrations of virtually all sizes and styles. The Social Instance can host up to 64 seated guests in its medium-sized gathering space, which includes access to a sound system and projector, a kitchenette for caterers, open seating plans, chair and seat covers, photography services, and more. The banquet hall located on the premises at The Social Instance is the ideal space for a dinner and dancing reception, with its classical design and its opulent, elegant features and finishes. 

Address: 2201 S W S Young Dr #111-C, Killeen, TX 76541

Phone: 512-813-0633

Facebook: The Social Instance

Instagram: The Social Instance

Contact : The Social Instance Team

Wedding ceremonies and receptions taking place at Mililani Woods are sure to benefit from the magnificent scenery and the well-equipped indoor event spaces that can host wedding parties of elegance and romance. Mililani Woods can host up to 140 seated guests in an event space that offers its facilities at a price point that is within the budget of most clients, making the services at this venue accessible to clients of various walks of life and financial backgrounds. Mililani Woods takes a “hands on” approach with clients who can use the assistance, and a “hands off” approach with couples who prefer to take on the logistical hassle of the many aspects of their wedding planning process. With outdoor and indoor event spaces for ceremonies and receptions alike, Mililani Woods is a great choice of Killeen-based wedding venue.

Address: 1100 Old Nolanville Rd, Nolanville, TX 76559 (~13 mins drive from Killeen)

Phone: 254-212-4008

Facebook: Mililani Woods

Instagram: Mililani Woods

Contact : Mililani Woods Team

Serving Central Texas since 1959, Brick & Barrel is a popular wedding venue in Killeen for intimate celebrations, accommodating up to 100 guests. Enjoy exclusive use of the entire area for your wedding ceremony and reception. This charming outdoor patio space comes with a fully-decorated mantle for your ceremony, seating setup, beautifully wrought-iron candelabras or wine barrels adorned with florals, a decorated aisleway, and more. You’ll receive an indoor banquet area with chivari chairs, tables, linens, fresh floral centerpieces, and non-floral centerpieces. You can also have a sweetheart table on a stage, dressed with a complimentary fresh-flower centerpiece. Along with your package comes security, water, a fireplace, a bar, an outdoor mister, and other unique amenities and rental inclusions.

Address: 415 N Gray St, Killeen, TX 76541

Phone: 254-526-6617

Facebook: Brick & Barrel

Instagram: Brick & Barrel

Contact : Brick & Barrel Team

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Now that you and your partner have checked out our list of the top five wedding venues to be found across Killeen, Texas and beyond, we hope that you two feel ready, willing, and able to take a big step forward with your wedding planning process, whether that means getting a deal in writing or simply agreeing with your partner about a mutual set of criteria that you will use to analyze the wedding venues that sit before you. After all, the wedding planning process can move quickly, and you want to make sure that you get a deal with your favorite venue before it gets scooped out from under your hands. With all that said, we wish you and your partner all the very best of luck with your ongoing wedding planning process! 

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