The Wildwood Inn is a French-style wedding venue with a vast array of services and amenities that come with bookings on the property, the ideal feature for a local couple planning their upcoming nuptials. The Wildwood Inn offers all-inclusive packages that can be customized to exact specifications, including such services as in-house catering, in-house beverage service, setup and cleanup, colored uplighting, DJ services, parking, photo booth rentals, and other such features. With the boutique hotel accommodations on site, guests from out of town can stay overnight with absolutely no hassle. Outdoor ceremony spaces add a dimension of romance to parties held at the Wildwood Inn.

Address: 2602 Lillian Miller Pkwy, Denton, TX 76210

Phone: 940-243-4919

Facebook: Wildwood Inn

Instagram: Wildwood Inn

Contact : Crystal

The Little Chapel-in-the-Woods is a campus chapel located within Texas Woman’s University, and this beguiling locale is an ideal spot for local couples to plan their wedding celebrations. The Little Chapel-in-the-Woods is staffed by a team of wedding coordinators and specialists who can ensure the seamless logistical flow of the wedding day. The indoor space within the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods can accommodate up to 110 seated guests, while the outdoor spaces surrounding the chapel can be booked for parties as well. Bookings at the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods include a three hour rental on the day of the wedding as well as a one hour rehearsal on a separate day.

Address: 415 Chapel Dr, Denton, TX 76209

Phone: (940) 898-3516

Facebook: Little Chapel in-the-Woods

Instagram: Little Chapel in-the-Woods

Contact : Little Chapel in-the-Woods Team

An industrial chic wedding venue with an atmosphere of upscale class and sophistication, Monroe Pearson can make for a stunning Denton-based wedding ceremony and reception. This historic locale can accommodate up to 350 seated guests in an event space flanked by exposed brick and Edison bulb chandeliers for a taste of opulence and glamor. At Monroe Pearson, all-inclusive packages cover a variety of wedding day services including in-house beverage service, in-house catering, setup and cleanup, colored uplighting, photo booth, DJ services, and other such offerings. 

Address: 421 E Oak St, Denton, TX 76201

Phone: 972-317-7464

Facebook: Monroe Pearson

Instagram: Monroe Pearson

Contact : Crystal

Chapel Creek Ranch Wedding Venue is one of the most sought after wedding venues to be found in and around Denton, the perfect location for a local couple planning their upcoming wedding ceremony and reception. Chapel Creek Ranch Wedding Venue can accommodate wedding parties of up to 350 seated guests in an event space flanked by lofty ceilings, industrial chic decor, exposed wood beams and rafters, and a flexible set of floor plans that can be configured to exact client specifications. With fully customizable all-inclusive packages that make the wedding planning process a breeze, Chapel Creek Ranch Wedding Venue is a fantastic choice of event space for Denton-based parties.

Address: 3794 Ganzer Rd W, Denton, TX 76207

Phone: (214) 952-6754

Facebook: Chapel Creek Ranch Wedding Venue

Instagram: Chapel Creek Ranch Wedding Venue

Contact : Erin Davis

Look no further than Studio E for a wedding venue that can host a wedding ceremony and reception of total sophistication and aesthetic magnetism. Studio E is a charming speakeasy located in Denton with event spaces that feature exposed brick, historic antique finishes, and furniture available for rental. Outside caterers and vendors can be staffed when planning a wedding at Studio E, keeping many things within the client’s control, a perfect feature for couples who are looking for a DIY approach to their wedding celebration. Studio E offers 2,000 square feet of indoor event space. 

Address: 208 West Walnut Street, Denton, TX, 76201

Phone: (214) 280-2129

Facebook: Studio E

Instagram: Studio E

Contact : Studio E Team

A Denton-based wedding venue of vibrant sparkle and glitz, Palazio Event Venue is a lovely choice of wedding location for a ceremony and reception planned by a couple hoping to celebrate in an upscale and refined atmosphere. Palazio Event Venue can accommodate wedding parties of up to 350 seated guests within the indoor event space on the property, while parties can also make use of the on-site decor and design items, a team of devoted servers to manage a dinner service during a reception, and a certified bartender and security staff. Setup and cleanup services can be provided for parties held at Palazio Event Venue. 

Address: 5300 Rector Rd, Denton, TX 76207

Phone: 940-312-3399

Facebook: Palazio Event Venue

Instagram: Palazio Event Venue

Contact : Carlos

Wedding ceremonies and receptions taking place at Sunago Bell will primarily benefit from the magnetic views and vistas through the wide open walls of windows that flank the indoor event space, where a dinner and dancing reception can be easily hosted. Sunago Bell is a charming Denton-based wedding venue with space for parties of up to 200 seated guests, with in-house services including coordination and venue management, ensuring that the logistical flow of the wedding day is properly and seamlessly executed. Romantic and well-designed, Sunago Bell can make for a memorable series of photos on a wedding day.

Address: 101 S Locust St 8th floor, Denton, TX 76201

Phone: (940) 372-0793

Facebook: Sunago Bell

Instagram: Sunago Bell

Contact : Sunago Bell Team

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, the Wildhorse Golf Club is a maximally beautiful choice of local event venue. The Wildhorse Golf Club is located within the greater metropolitan area of Denton, and this location offers a clubhouse event space for a dinner and dancing reception that will keep guests out on the dance floor throughout the night. In-house catering can be offered for parties at Wildhorse Golf Club, provided by a team of industry expert chefs who can create a bespoke menu that incorporates any suggestions and requests from the clients. Wildhorse Golf Club also staffs a team of servers who can execute a dinner service with excellence and ease.

Address: 9448 Ed Robson Circle, Denton, TX

Phone: (940) 246-1012

Facebook: Wildhorse Golf Club

Instagram: Wildhorse Golf Club

Contact : Wildhorse Golf Club Team

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Now that you and your partner have checked out our list of the top eight wedding venues to be found across the greater metropolitan area of Denton, Texas and beyond, we hope that you two feel just a little bit better about the remaining aspects of your wedding planning process that you have to complete. With so much to choose from when it comes to desirable wedding locales to host your upcoming nuptials, we recommend that you narrow your criteria down to a specific set of options such that you’re only thinking about venues that truly appeal to your needs. With these unbelievable options available to you, we know that you’ll be happy no matter what location in and around Denton, Texas that you end up with!

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