Amber Mae Photography is one of the premiere photography studios within and around Lynchburg, best known for the extremely high quality wedding photography services. Amber Mae Photography offers “a celestial experience for terrestrial bodies,” framing moments of transcendental beauty that transcend the ordinary and take couples to a whole new place; images taken by Amber are grounded in a cinematic approach that lends a sweeping majesty to all photos. For wedding celebrations, nothing will be more dramatic and romantic than a series of epic and inspired images taken by Amber Mae Photography.

Address: Lynchburg, VA

Phone: 315-717-7727

Facebook: Amber Mae Photography

Instagram: Amber Mae Photography

Contact : Amber

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, Paper Love Photography can handle any and all photography needs that a couple in or around Lynchburg might have for their parties. Paper Love Photography offers wedding collections that begin at $3,000. This base rate guarantees such services as a complimentary engagement session, a second photographer present at the wedding celebration, access to an online gallery of all edited digital images, and printing rights. Packages can be individualized and customized in order to create a fully bespoke process for all clients, led by the exact service and amenities that they want to pay for.

Address: Lynchburg, VA

Phone: 979-251-4766

Facebook: Peper Love Photography

Instagram: Peper Love Photography

Contact : Emily & Brandon

Karin Nicole Photography is a lovely wedding photography studio with an unquestioned ability to bring an air of professionalism and a look of classic elegance to wedding celebrations both during the fact and in the resulting images. Karin Nicole Photography offers easy-to-book wedding packages that begin at the price of $3,200; this price entitles local couples to up to eight hours of coverage, two photographers present on the big day, high resolution images in an online photo gallery, print release rights, and an engagement session. For all of these incredible amenities, simply make a purchase of a package with Karin Nicole Photography.

Address: Lynchburg, VA

Phone: 631-767-1124

Facebook: Karin Nicole Photography

Instagram: Karin Nicole Photography

Contact : Karin

Look no further than Erick Gonzalez Photography for a fabulous photography studio with an excellent Lynchburg reputation. Erick Gonzalez Photography strives, above all, to “create unforgettable memories,” a lofty goal that is met by the expertise and talent on offer with Erick behind the camera. The process with Erick Gonzalez Photography begins with an initial consultation, continues with a mutual planning process and the selection of a photography package at a customized rate, and then ends with the big day and the resulting images delivered in an online gallery.

Address: Lynchburg, VA

Phone: 908-305-2897

Facebook: Erick Gonzalez Photography

Instagram: Erick Gonzalez Photography

Contact : Erick Gonzalez

Joy Shots Photography is one of the most celebrated and locally loved wedding photography studios to be found in and around Lynchburg, providing unforgettably elegant documentation of wedding days in the local area. Joy Shots Photography offers a variety of packages that range in hours of coverage available and amenities offered. These amenities include up to nine hours of wedding day coverage with a second photographer for six of those hours, an online wedding gallery with 800+ images provided, a two month turnaround after the wedding date for full access to photos, an engagement session, full printing rights, and unlimited downloads.

Address: Lynchburg, VA

Phone: 540-999-5348

Facebook: Joy Shots Photography

Instagram: Joy Shots Photography

Contact : Erika

Wedding celebrations can be just a little bit more special when attended by the photographers behind the operations at Eden Alley Photography. Based out of Lynchburg, Eden Alley Photography is led by professional photographer Eden, who is a trusted ally and collaborator providing clients with a road map for the wedding planning process as well as an array of available services to offer for upcoming celebrations. The investment for photography services with Eden Alley Photography includes such offerings as eight hours of wedding day coverage, a complimentary two hour engagement session, a second photographer present on the wedding day, timeline construction, high resolution digital images delivered in an online gallery, printing resources, and more.

Address: Lynchburg, VA

Facebook: Eden Alley Photography

Instagram: Eden Alley Photography

Contact : Eden & Nehemiah

Lilly Magnolia Photography is a fabulous photography studio based out of Lynchburg with a tried and true industry expertise when it comes to documenting wedding celebrations with an inspired angle and approach. The experience of capturing weddings with Lilly Magnolia Photography can be purchased through wedding packages that are compiled to exact client needs and begin at the price of $2,500. Packages include such awesome amenities as an engagement session in advance of the wedding party, a second shooter to capture every little detail and nuance of the big day, and ano online gallery of fully edited images personally delivered to each and every couple.

Address: Lynchburg, VA

Phone: 231-652-0664

Facebook: Lilly Magnolia Photography

Contact : Lizzie

Check out Sarah Eliza Bell Photography if you’re based out of Lynchburg and in the market for a talented wedding photographer with a distinctive style behind the lens. Sarah Eliza Bell Photography can handle services for wedding parties and elopements of all kinds, with packages for weddings starting at the fair price point of $1,300 and elopements & intimate weddings starting at $800. With these accessible and affordable services easily booked through convenient packages, Sarah Eliza Bell Photography is a wonderful option for virtually all walks of life based out of Lynchburg and beyond.

Address: Lynchburg, VA

Facebook: Sarah Eliza Bell Photography

Instagram: Sarah Eliza Bell Photography

Contact : Sarah

Kaitlin Ahrens Photography is the brainchild of professional Lynchburg-based photographer Kaitlin Ahrens, who is proud to offer “the KAP experience” to couples getting married in and around the local area of Lynchburg. Kaitlin Ahrens Photography offers wedding investments that include such amenities as eight to ten hours of wedding coverage spanning the processional of the ceremony all the way to the last dance of the reception, 100 digital images taken per hour, a second shooter to grab all of the finer details of the party, and a wedding gift straight from Kaitlin to the couple. 

Address: Lynchburg, VA

Phone: 540-309-7136

Facebook: Kaitlin Ahrens Photography

Instagram: Kaitlin Ahrens Photography

Contact : Kaitlin Ahrens

Few local wedding photography studios can match the incredible services on offer with 621 Studios. 621 Studios offers “photographic excellence for lovers,” capturing couples of all walks of life and all backgrounds in a way that frames their romance in all of its beauty and personality. 621 Studios offers a wide range of services, spanning engagements to boudoir shoots to family portraits, and then combining all of these disciplines with their wedding photography services. Packages can be compiled to exact client specifications, making for a customized wedding planning process and a wedding day experience that hews closely to the desires and interests of the couple at the center of the celebration. 

Address: Lynchburg, VA

Phone: 434-609-6210

Facebook: 621 Studios

Instagram: 621 Studios

Contact : Annie Laura

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We hope that this list of the top ten wedding photography studios to be found across Lynchburg, Virginia and beyond has been helpful to you and your partner as you weigh the options in your local area and come up with a list of the very best for you to reach out and schedule consultations with. At the end of the day, you won’t have a great idea of which photographer to choose until you’ve had a moment to sit down with them over the phone, on Zoom, or in person. Once you get a feel for the personality of the photographer as well as the quality of their previous work, you’ll know when it’s time to seal the deal. With all that said, we wish you two tons of luck with your ongoing wedding planning process! 

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