The Photography Smiths is one of the premiere wedding photography studios to be found in and around Fredericksburg, with a long list of thrilled clients guaranteeing the efficacy and artistry of this fabulous local studio. The Photography Smiths offers wedding collections that begin at the price of $4,900, a price which entitles clients to up to eight hours of wedding day coverage, two photographers present to capture every little nuance of the big day, a custom heirloom image box, and a personalized online gallery of all digitally edited images. With all of these amenities and offerings, The Photography Smiths is a must-see studio in Fredericksburg.

Address: 1701 Princess Anne St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Phone: 540-207-5400

Facebook: The Photography Smiths

Instagram: The Photography Smiths

Contact : Samantha Smith

When working with M Harris Studios, couples based out of Fredericksburg and beyond are sure to benefit from the romantic, elegant, and upscale approach to wedding photography championed at this local studio. M Harris Studios is staffed by a team of photographers who understand well that a wedding celebration can be captured and retold through a series of images both posed and candid that speak to the romance, spontaneity, excitement, and elegance of the big day. With this devotion to the craft of wedding photography, the team of professionals at M Harris Studios are a fantastic choice for an upcoming party in or around Fredericksburg.

Address: 213 George St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Phone: 703-627-7653

Facebook: M Harris Studios

Instagram: M Harris Studios

Contact : Michelle

Wolfcrest Photography is a lovely wedding photography outlet located in Fredericksburg, providing excellent photography services for parties of virtually all shapes and sizes in the local area. Wolfcrest Photography offers wedding collections that start at the price of $4,300, entitling couples to receive the full, undivided attention of the photographers on the staff at this incredible studio for a wedding day that will be expertly captured and efficiently navigated. Wolfcrest Photography does not follow a “posing workflow,” instead walking around quietly and capturing the moments of genuine interaction and organic connection for a more down-to-earth set of resulting photos.

Address: Fredericksburg, VA

Phone: 757-812-1245

Facebook: Wolfcrest Photography

Instagram: Wolfcrest Photography

Contact : Sara

Look no further than Ashley Johnson Photography for a Fredericksburg-based wedding photographer with a history of happy clients across the board. With wedding collections beginning at $4,400, Ashley Johnson Photography offers a bevy of desirable services for wedding clients with a workflow that includes an initial consultation, planning assistance, an Engagement Session, custom wedding guides and materials for her clients such as a Preferred Vendors List, and a final pre-wedding meeting. When all is said and done, Ashley provides a stunning private online gallery to her clients and loves to create gorgeous Family Heirloom Albums for a seamless and effortless perusal of your wedding images.

Address: 213 George St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Phone: 720-987-4157

Facebook: Ashley Johnson Photography

Instagram: Ashley Johnson Photography

Contact : Ashley

Jac&Mac Photography is one of the most sought after wedding photography studios to be found in or around Fredericksburg, a fabulous studio well-equipped to tackle wedding celebrations of all shapes and sizes. Jac&Mac Photography offer services branded as “beautiful” and “intuitive,” two words that clue clients in to how the team of photographers at this studio view the capacity for weddings to demonstrate exactly what wants to be photographed and preserved. The events covered by Jac&Mac Photography will be captured in a way that makes the majesty and the austerity of the event come across while still showcasing moments of lighthearted fun and enjoyment.

Address: Fredericksburg, VA

Phone: 757-502-3737

Facebook: Jac&Mac Photography

Instagram: Jac&Mac Photography

Contact : Jacob & Macky

For excellent fine art coverage of a wedding day taking place within or beyond the greater metropolitan area of Fredericksburg, Michael Ellis Photography is a wonderful choice of local studio. Michael Ellis Photography offers both photography and videography services, combining multiple services under one roof for maximal client convenience. Wedding packages with Michael Ellis Photography include such services and amenities as a second shooter, a free engagement shoot, an online printing portal, eight hours of wedding day coverage, and professional editing, retouching, and airbrushing services to result in the very best possible images.

Address: Fredericksburg, VA

Phone: 540-680-1257

Facebook: Michael Ellis Photos

Instagram: Michael Ellis Photos

Contact : Michael Ellis

Stephanie Grooms Artistry is one of the finest artistic photographers to be found in and around Fredericksburg, with enough wedding celebrations under her belt to ensure a smooth and logistically effortless experience. Stephanie Grooms Artistry works with an eight hour minimum, meaning that every single aspect of each wedding will be captured from beginning to end, lasting from the processional of the ceremony to the very last dance of the evening at the dinner reception. With this commitment to capturing everything she can, Stephanie Grooms Artistry is a talented and passionate choice of photographer for a wedding party.

Address: 321 William St Suite 201, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Facebook: Stephanie Grooms Artistry

Instagram: Stephanie Grooms Artistry

Contact : Stephanie

Wedding celebrations photographed by the team of incredible professionals on the staff at Beck and Call Photography are sure to benefit from the magnetic quality of the photography services. Beck and Call Photography offers a variety of packages beginning at the price of $3,500 and ranging up to $6,500. The most elaborate package includes unlimited hours of photography on the big day, a second photographer to capture every little nuance, all digital images from the wedding and a complimentary engagement session, a handmade keepsake box and signature album, and the images delivered on a custom flash drive.

Address: 413 Morningside Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Phone: 540-710-6491

Facebook: Beck and Call Photography

Instagram: Beck and Call Photography

Contact : Jennifer Catron

Carley Rehberg Photography is a true Fredericksburg favorite, a photography studio with an incredible track record when it comes to capturing wedding celebrations behind the camera. Carley Rehberg Photography begins the price of wedding collections at $3,400, with the ability to travel across the state, country, and world for celebrations not just limited to the urban area of Fredericksburg. After the big day, there is a five to six week turnaround on the resulting images, with each and every image retouched with color saturation and lighting to make the photos pop. Wedding celebrations usually result in 700 to 1,200 images.

Address: Fredericksburg, VA

Facebook: Carley Rehberg Photography

Instagram: Carley Rehberg Photography

Contact : Carley Rehberg

For a trusted photographer with a unique approach behind the lens and a history of extremely satisfied clients, check out Fredericksburg-based Nicole Ballard Photography. Nicole Ballard Photography is a master at capturing wedding celebrations with an eye toward the elegant, with natural light and colorscapes organically integrated into the photography process, resulting in images that shimmer and sparkle with radiance. Nicole Ballard Photography offers several wedding packages, which correspond with the amount of hours offered; ten hours is the maximum amount of coverage given in the most elaborate package, which also features a complimentary engagement session, a second photographer present, an online ordering gallery with high resolution images, and printing rights.

Address: Fredericksburg, VA

Phone: 540-903-7335

Facebook: Nicole Ballard Photography

Instagram: Nicole Ballard Photography

Contact : Nicole

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Now that you and your partner have taken the opportunity to look through our list of the top ten wedding venues to be found across Fredericksburg, Virginia and beyond, we hope that you two feel armed with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about the wedding photography studio you’re going to hire for your upcoming celebration. If you still aren’t sure, we encourage you and your partner to schedule as many consultations as you need to feel comfortable and at ease with your choice of photographer; after all, your photographer will work hand in hand with you on your wedding day to collaborate on creating meaningful memories framed forever in a photo album to cherish. With that said, we wish you tons of luck on finding the best of the best in Fredericksburg! 

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