Imagine having your dream wedding in a romantic setting that is surrounded by  sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Honolulu Hawaii is that perfect wedding destination, which can make every couple experience the true magic of being married in the paradise of love.

However,  it would be quite unfortunate if you fail to capture these magical moments. Therefore, hiring a professional wedding photographer must be of top priority. A wedding photographer is undoubtedly one of the most important wedding vendors, who will ensure that every moment of your big day is captured in a unique way. 

A perfect Honolulu wedding photographer will help you create everlasting memories in a most creative way.This also offers every couple the chance to enjoy these nostalgic moments and relive  those memories once again.

Our list of the top 10 wedding photographers in Honolulu Hawaii will help you find the right person for your special day.

Meew Meew Studios, run by Jill and Gordan, promises to provide a unique experience to every couple, by developing a connection with their clients. The team at Meew Meew Studios will provide a comfortable environment for the couples, while capturing beautiful emotions in those stunning photographs. Their dedication and attention to detail ensures that the wedding photographs turn out to be nothing less than a creative piece of art that holds numerous memories.

Photography Style: Photojournalism, Natural, Contemporary, Traditional, Vintage

Price: Start at $ 900

Location: Honolulu, HI, 96815

Phone: 866-619-4996

Facebook: Meew Meew Studios

Profile: Meew Meew Studios

Contact : Jill and Gordan

Roy has an incredible talent for capturing the essence of people and showcasing the exquisite beauty of nature together in a romantic way. His stunning work will mesmerize you and take you on a nostalgic journey where you get to relive those wonderful memories once again. Not only that, he offers packages that can be tailored to every client’s requirements.

Photography Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary

Price: Start at $ 1500

Location: Honolulu, HI, 96850

Phone: 808-745-1768

Facebook: Roy Nuesca Photography

Profile: Roy Nuesca Photography

Contact : Roy Nuesca

Looking for a wedding photographer who can make the entire photography session fun and relaxing? With an experience of many years, Rachel Abril is definitely the wedding photographer that you were looking for in Honolulu Hawaii. Her cheerful and fun loving nature helps her to interact closely with her clients. She ensures that every photograph is a stunning piece of art while capturing the true essence of love and emotion shared by the couple.

Photography Style: Photojournalism, Natural, Contemporary

Price: Start at $ 4400

Location: Honolulu, 96816

Phone: 808-425-9845

Facebook: Chelsea Abril Photography

Profile: Chelsea Abril Photography

Contact : Chelsea Abril

Based in Hawaii Honolulu, Shots Hawaii photography is a wedding photography business, with Gabe Spencer as the lead photographer. They offer to conduct the photography sessions according to every couple’s requirements, while capturing the true essence of Hawaii at the same time. Gabe takes the time to listen to the couple and ensures that their story is perfectly told in the wedding photographs. With a flexible and supportive team at Shots Hawaii, you can be assured that your entire experience will be nothing less than magical.

Photography Style: Traditional, Natural, Contemporary, Vintage

Price: Start at $ 1200

Location: Serving all of Hawaii and US Honolulu, HI, 96814

Phone: 808-366-5867

Facebook: Shots Hawaii Photography

Profile: Shots Hawaii Photography

Contact : Gabe Spencer

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Shannon Sasaki is one of the most sought after wedding photographers in Honolulu Hawaii. She perfectly captures every moment of your wedding, while ensuring that every couple is made comfortable in the best way possible. Moreover, the wedding packages offered by her can easily accommodate your budget, making her an instant favorite among many couples.

Photography Style: Photojournalism, Natural, Contemporary

Price: Start at $ 400/hr

Location: Honolulu, HI, 96816

Phone: 808-224-7974

Facebook: Shannon Sasaki Photography

Profile: Shannon Sasaki Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Shannon Sasaki Photography

Contact : Shannon Sasaki

Founded in 2013 by Brennan Tolman, Tolman Media Hawaii is a well established wedding photography company in Honolulu Hawaii. Being the lead photographer, Brennan Tolman beautifully captures every special moment shared between the couple and their family. Tolman Media Hawaii boasts of providing phenomenal photographs that use a unique combination of traditional and contemporary styles and techniques. Moreover, they offer a number of wedding photography packages from which the clients can choose according to their budget and style.

Photography Style: Contemporary, Vintage

Price: Start at $ 1800

Location: 1110 Nuuanu Ave. PMB 1003 Honolulu, HI, 96817

Phone: 808-762-1812

Facebook: Tolman Media Hawaii

Profile: Tolman Media Hawaii

Contact : Mark Watson

Rachel Robertson is a contemporary wedding photographer who makes the entire experience fun and relaxing for the couple. Her professionalism is evident from the fact that she loves to interact with the couple and develop a personal connection with them. This helps her to depict the couple’s emotions in such a way that the wedding photographs turn out to be a collection of precious memories. The one thing that sets her apart from other photographers is that she is more than willing to accommodate her clients and cater to their requirements.

Photography Style: Photojournalism, Natural, Contemporary

Price: Start at $ 1900

Location: 4348 Waialae Ave 172 Honolulu, 96816

Phone: 808-425-9707

Facebook: Rachel Robertson Photography

Profile: Rachel Robertson Photography

Contact : Rachel Robertson

A vivacious and fun loving photographer, Marcia Campbell is well known for her vast experience and contemporary style of photography. With awards like, Professional Photographer of the Year and Kodak Gallery Award to her credit, Marcia has a firm grasp on her profession. She considers it really important to develop communication with every couple so that each photograph can depict the true bond shared by them. There is no doubt that no one can capture all the emotions and moments in a better way than Marcia Campbell.

Photography Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary

Price: Start at $ 600

Location: 2057 10th Avenue Honolulu, 96816

Phone: 808-382-1224

Facebook: Marcia Campbell Photography

Profile: Marcia Campbell Photography

Contact : Marcia Campbell

Run by a husband and wife team, Patrick and Kelsi aim to capture the unique and timeless story of your love and romance through their photography. You will be amazed by the fine quality of the photographs and their acute attention to detail. The couple excel at providing a comfortable environment for every client and creating a unique bond with them. This is exactly what sets them apart from other vendors. Do not miss a chance to make an appointment today for an affordable wedding photography package.

Photography Style: Photojournalism, Natural, Contemporary, Traditional

Price: Elopement packages start at $2,500

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, 96822

Phone: 808-388-7256

Facebook: Eternal Tides Photography

Profile: Eternal Tides Photography

Contact : Kelsi and Patrick

Highly recommended and one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Honolulu Hawaii, Eddy Fong is exactly what you were looking for on your wedding day. Eddy excels at capturing every detail while utilizing both modern and classic techniques. Whether you have a beach wedding or a small indoor wedding, he will accommodate every couple according to their requirements and ensure that their wedding photography experience turns out to be absolutely extraordinary. Make an appointment today so that you do not miss out on a wonderful vendor in Hawaii.

Photography Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary, Traditional

Price: Start at $ 3300

Location: 1188 Bishop St. 1906 Honolulu, 96813

Phone: 808-330-3160

Facebook: Renai Photography

Profile: Renai Photography

Contact : Eddy Fong

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life that must be documented in the best way possible. Therefore, choose a wedding photographer who can expertly capture the love and bond shared between the couple surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Honolulu Hawaii

Hiring a professional wedding photographer will definitely help you in making some extraordinary memories which you can look back upon with your loved ones.

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