Sammy Crosby, of Lifelong Grace Ministries, is an ordained minister with 28 years of experience serving the community needs. He believes your wedding ceremony should be a stunning reflection of the love you share for each other. It is an unforgettable experience that will bring you great joy, laughter, and happy tears. Sammy offers premarital counseling, as it helps to improve relationships and sets you up for a prosperous marriage. Lifelong Grace Ministries has four wedding packages – The Bronze, Gold, Silver, and Platinum. The Platinum Package includes meeting with Pastor Sammy, a customized script, planning sessions, collaboration with wedding planners, rehearsals, and submitting our marriage license.

Officiant Style: Religious

Price: $225 – $375

Address: Cypress, TX 77429

Phone:  (832) 418-8436

Facebook:  Lifelong Grace Ministries

Profile: Lifelong Grace Ministries

Wedding Officiant : Sammy Crosby

Theresa Logan’s, Officially Yours’ wedding officiant service has been in operation since 2007. She’s ordained through the Universal Life Church and specializes in non-denominational and lifestyle-friendly ceremonies. She loves to help you create a service that fits into your lifestyle and personality. Each wedding comes with free, unlimited consultations, a personalized ceremony, travel to your venue, a customized wedding certificate, and filing your marriage license. Theresa has four incredible wedding packages that range from elopements to extravagant affairs surrounded by friends and family.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Civil, and Interfaith

Price: $100 – $350

Address: FM 1960, Houston, TX 77073

Phone:  (281) 645-4972

Facebook:  Officially Yours

Wedding Officiant : Theresa Logan

The main focus of Blissfully Blessed Weddings is to provide you with a stress-free and unique wedding ceremony. You deserve an exceptional service that showcases your love and commitment. Blissfully Blessed Weddings offers competitive pricing packages and specializes in all types of services. Your ceremony can be customized entirely during a meet and greet with the team. This Houston wedding officiant also specializes in themed and costumed wedding ceremonies. Blissfully Blessed has a variety of packages to choose from, with the most popular being a customized standard wedding. This package includes unlimited consultations by phone, email, or text.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Civil, and Themed

Price: Prices Start At $250

Address: 14223, Duncannon Dr, Houston, TX 77015

Phone:  (713) 594-0710

Twitter:  Blissfully Blessed Weddings

Profile: Blissfully Blessed Weddings

Wedding Officiant : Blissfully Blessed Weddings

Janice Wilson and Tim Holder are the creative minds behind Wedding Heart Ceremonies. Janice has more than 25 years of professional experience in the wedding industry, while Tim has officiated hundreds of weddings. They are passionate about creating unique ceremonies that put your love for each other in the spotlight. Janice and Tim love to incorporate unity services into their traditions and have extensive experience in utilizing candles, sand, tree planting, time capsules, handfasting, and braided cord ceremonies. Wedding Heart Ceremonies would be an incredible choice for couples in search of a completely customized experience with two friendly, professional, and fun officiants.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Interfaith, and Civil

Price: Prices Start At $150

Address: 16527 Wellers Way, Houston, TX 77095

Phone:  (832) 646-4531

Instagram:  Wedding Heart Ceremonies

Profile: Wedding Heart Ceremonies

Wedding Officiant : Tim and Janice

Robert Ashley, of Willumarryme, is an ordained minister, based in the Houston area, with more than 30 years of professional experience in the wedding industry. Robert strives to create ceremonies that reflect who you are. He will help you with anything that feels overwhelming, whether you’re having difficulty finding certain vendors or just have questions about the ceremony. Robert’s ultimate goal is to provide you with a meaningful service that emphasizes your love story and commitment to one another. WillUMarryMe offers customized wedding packages with options for traditions and unity celebrations.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Interfaith, and Civil

Price: Prices Start At $300

Address: 2009 Lamar Drive, Richmond, TX 77469

Phone:  (281) 801-6010

Facebook:  Willumarryme

Wedding Officiant : Robert Ashley

ILoveMarriage is an officiant service based in the Houston area. They offer warm, friendly, comforting, and professional officiants that specialize in customized services, traditional services, and premarital counseling. The ILoveMarriage officiants strive to simplify the planning process and help you feel comfortable before, during, and after your ceremony. They provide free consultations to learn about your love story and wedding vision to incorporate personal touches to your celebration. ILoveMarriage has a flat-rate fee of $550 for ceremonies that include rehearsals, consultations, a customized service, and submitting your marriage license.

Officiant Style: Interfaith and Religious

Price: $550

Address: 12718 Whistling Springs Dr., Humble, TX

Phone:  (713) 377-2297

Facebook:  ILoveMarriage

Wedding Officiant : ILoveMarriage

The We Do…I Do’s team specializes in non-denominational and non-religious ceremonies in an intimate or extravagant setting. These Houston wedding officiants have been in business since 2006 and perform 250 – 300 wedding per year with options for completely customized and private ceremonies. We Do…I Do’s offers unlimited consultations and incredible ceremony options, planning tools, and wedding vows. They strive to help you every step of the way to create a stress-free and memorable experience. Your pricing package will include options for sand ceremonies, unity candles, handfasting, and knot-tying rituals.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Civil, Interfaith, and LGBTQ

Price: $60 – $280

Address: 18602 Clay Rd, Houston, TX

Phone:  (281) 734-4431

Facebook:  We Do…I Do’s

Profile: We Do...I Do's

Wedding Officiant : Marty and Jeffrey

Maria Sinjari, of Silverbell Weddings, is an ordained minister with four years of experience in the wedding industry. She believes everyone deserves to love and be loved in return. Maria had difficulties finding an affordable officiant for her wedding, and this led her to become ordained. She strives to offer an affordable, stress-free, and convenient service that makes your wedding ceremony perfect. Maria offers three affordable packages called Drive-Thru, Together4Ever, and 4Ever Urs. The 4Ever Urs package was designed for weekend weddings and includes options for unity rituals. Silverbell Weddings would be an excellent choice for couples searching for an affordable officiant that focuses on their story.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Civil, Interfaith, and LGBTQ

Price: $75 – $200

Address: Houston, TX

Phone:  (832) 437-2493

Facebook:  Silverbell Weddings

Profile: Silverbell Weddings

Wedding Officiant : Maria Sinjari

Karena Valkyrie, the owner of Celebrating Your Life, is a wedding officiant that specializes in creating sincere ceremonies for clients. Her years of experience help to develop personalized services, spoken from the heart. She enjoys working closely with clients to give them an incredible, stress-free experience that showcases their love and commitment. Celebrating Your Life has three wedding packages to select from for your big day. They include The Elopement Ceremony, The Traditional Ceremony, and For The DIY Bride. Karena’s Traditional Ceremony is a popular choice and consists of a personalized script, unlimited consultations, free travel within a 50-mile radius of Houston, and a wedding rehearsal.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Civil, and Interfaith

Price: $175 – $275

Address: 1010 Melford Avenue,, Pearland, TX

Phone:  (281) 219-5888

Facebook:  Celebrating Your Life

Profile: Celebrating Your Life

Wedding Officiant : Karena T. Valkyrie

Wedding Pastor- Russell Cravens has 20 years of experience officiating weddings and helping people start their lives together. Russell believes healthy marriages start with an incredible ceremony. He strives to provide a professional, friendly, and relaxing service to everyone. Russell has a knack for writing beautiful celebrations that showcase each couple’s love for each other. He offers three wedding packages, including the Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond. The Diamond package is the most extensive and includes two premarital counseling sessions, a wedding inquiry meeting, access to E-books for vows and readings, ceremony planning, rehearsal attendance, and a professional ceremony.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, and Civil

Price: $599 – $799

Address: 1927 Vassar St, Houston, TX 77098

Phone:  (832) 212-5333

Facebook:  Wedding Pastor- Russell Cravens

Profile: Wedding Pastor- Russell Cravens

Wedding Officiant : Russell Cravens

Brey and Company is one of Houston’s most sought after wedding officiant providers, with a variety of packages available for easy booking when it comes to marriage ceremony planning in the greater Houston metropolitan area. Ceremonies with Brey and Company are written to the specific needs of the client, meaning that every ceremony looks just a little different, whether in the readings, prayers, vows, or any other bespoke aspect of the proceedings. Additional services with Brey and Company include elopements, which can be at any location of the client’s choice, and marriage license signing. 

Address: Houston, TX

Phone: (281) 451-2053

Social: Brey and Company

Contact : Brey

Jennifer Luu has collected a vast catalogue of honors and accolades from a variety of prestigious wedding publications and media outlets for her bespoke services as a wedding officiant. Jennifer Luu performs marriage ceremonies for couples of all walks of life across the greater Houston metropolitan area, and she guarantees that no two ceremonies will ever look the same. This is because Jennifer ensures that each ceremony is hand-crafted to the exact specifications of clients and is suited to the personalities, tastes, and spirituality of the couple in question. Working with Jennifer Luu entitles clients to unlimited texts, calls, emails, and meetings in advance of an upcoming wedding ceremony date.

Address: Houston, TX

Phone: (832) 864-9901

Social: Jennifer Luu

Contact : Jennifer Luu

Charles Jackson is the owner and founder of Love the One You’re With, a marriage officiant company located in Houston, built with the purpose of performing marriage ceremonies across the local area and beyond. Francine Harrison is a business partner at Love the One You’re With, and she and Charles collaborate to provide local couples with bespoke ceremony services that include planning and coordinating ceremonies, whether large bashes or intimate celebrations, and whether modern and sleek or traditional and romantic. With a collection of honors and awards for their work on Houston-based ceremonies, Love the One You’re With is a great choice of marriage celebrant company.

Address: Houston, TX

Phone: (713) 396-0593

Social: Love the One You're With

Contact : Charles Jackson

The Courthouse Wedding Chapel is a wedding officiant company based out of Houston, providing local couples with unforgettable wedding celebrant services for upcoming ceremonies. The Courthouse Wedding Chapel is run by Chaplain Pat, an award winning, ordained officiant who can perform non-denominational, interfaith, and religious wedding ceremonies for clients from all walks of life. Ceremonies with Chaplain Pat can include spiritual ceremonies and civil ceremonies, with the formed incorporating divinity without being grounded in a particular religion and the latter eschewing prayers and any religious context. Ceremonies with Chaplain Pat include bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, music, decorations to the chapel, marriage license, and a keepsake certificate. 

Address: 340 N Sam Houston Parkway E, Houston, TX. 77060

Phone: (281) 803-9818

Social: The Courthouse Wedding Chapel

Contact : Pat

Marry Me Houston is one of Houston’s most qualified wedding officiant services, run by Dan and Julie Somerby, who have been ordained through the Universal Life Church. With over 100 weddings under their belt and bilingual ministers to administer ceremonies in a variety of different tongues, Marry Me Houston provides a flexible array of services. These offerings can include a certified ordained wedding officiant, a one hour consultation in person or over phone, 90 minutes of ceremony performance time, traditional or customized vows, vow templates to choose from, and much more.

Address: Houston, TX 77064

Phone: (713) 377-8921

Social: Marry Me Houston

Contact : Dan Somerby

Expertise Weddings & Events is staffed up by wedding officiant and minister Ericka C. Davis, who founded this wedding officiant company, and officiant and Texas notary Deana Carroll. Weddings with Expertise Weddings & Events guarantee that wedding ceremonies will be ordained by American Marriage Ministries and the Universal Life Church, with customized ceremonies offered for every couple with whom they work, a witness provided if needed, license expediters for quick certificate filing, and a variety of options for ceremonies. These options include a quick “say & sign,” a short elopement ceremony, and a family & friends ceremony with each element customized to exact client specifications.

Address: Houston, TX

Phone: (725) 696-3536

Social: Expertise Weddings & Events

Contact : Ericka Davis

Harvest Wedding Ministries is the brainchild of Reverend Eric Grant, a marriage officiant and licensed notary public in Texas who promises to lend his years of expertise and his genuine connection to the sheer majesty of weddings to create gorgeous, unforgettable ceremonies for the clients with whom he collaborates. Serving the greater Houston area and available to travel, Reverend Eric Grant with Harvest Wedding Ministries can perform elopements with a standard script, traditional ceremonies to a script, and customized ceremonies for clients looking to add their original touch to the proceedings. Ceremonies typically include the opening prayer, welcome, bride presentation, exchange of rings, vows, and more.

Address: P.O. Box 2004, Missouri City, TX 77459

Phone: (832) 573-8947

Social: Harvest Wedding Ministries

Contact : Eric Grant

Heart Filled Journeys is one of Houston’s most celebrated wedding officiant service providers, owned and operated by Reverend Julie Burden. Reverend Julie Burden is an interfaith minister and a licensed professional counselor, meaning that she has tons of experience guiding couples through the ins and outs of relationships; this lends her an expert eye at pinpointing the interpersonal dynamics of couples and accommodating those idiosyncrasies in her unique and distinctive ceremonies. With over 20 years of experience in the field of wedding officiating, Reverend Julie Burden with Heart Filled Journeys is a safe bet when it comes to bespoke ceremonies delivered with compassion and joy.

Address: 17510 Huffmeister Road Suite 104, Cypress, TX 77429

Phone: (281) 304-1677

Social: Heart Filled Journeys

Contact : Julie Burden

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A professional and experienced wedding officiant can give you the ceremony of your dreams. An experienced officiant will always help you through every step of planning for your wedding. They will take the time to get to know you and learn about everything you’re looking for to make your ceremony memorable. It can often be overwhelming to search for wedding vendors with the sheer number available. Researching vendors and reading reviews will help immensely. Each of these Houston wedding officiants offers personalized and unique options that please every bride and groom.

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