Managing a team of more than 15 hairstylists and makeup artists, Emily Miller is a professional studio specializing in bridal and event looks. They offer various services, including makeup, hairstyling, waxing, and eyebrow shaping, to give you a flawless and empress look on your wedding day. From natural or gorgeous makeup to updos or blowouts, Emily can create just any look that makes you and your bridal gown shine. Check out their incredible bridal work to take some inspiration for your wedding look.

Address: 3016 Locust St Ste 101, St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone: 314-780-8247

Social: Emily Miller Makeup & Hair

Contact : Emily Miller

Owned by Savanah Moore, Savanah Summer is a luxury hair and makeup boutique specializing in bridal hair and makeup. She is a full-time makeup and hair artist with extensive experience. Savanah manages a group of skilled and licensed artists, all set to provide luxurious pampering and handle every detail of your makeup and hair. The team follows a unique all-inclusive approach that is authentic and exquisite to make brides feel their absolute best. They commit to only one bride a day to ensure she gets all the attention and pampering to provide an intimate and personalized experience.

Address: 4662 Washington Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63108

Phone: 314-502-4999

Social: Savanah Summer Luxury Hair + Makeup

Contact : Savanah Summer

With a combined history of more than 40 years of remarkable artistic experience, DanielleStyle is the first luxury makeup and hair brand in St. Louis. They are a group of multi-talented beauty stylists with varying specialties, both in the salon and out. For over the past 13 years, Danielle has been passionate about creating looks that shine and reflect your personality. Her motive is to ensure that your makeup and hair details are flawlessly executed as per your unique taste and style. To book your bridal package with DanielleStyle, feel free to talk to the team.

Address: 2826 Sublette Ave St. Louis, MO 63139

Phone: 314-302-1467

Social: Danielle Style

Contact : Danielle

Composed of independent hairstylists and makeup artists, Midtown Makeup & Hair is a famous hair and makeup studio. All of their artists have a unique style and are committed to helping you find the best look that suits your personality and makes your wedding gown shine. Emily Miller, an expert bridal makeup & hair artist, has been working with brides and wedding parties since 2010. Elizabeth, a professional makeup artist, has built a team of beauty professionals who can deliver on-site services as required. Each artist is armed with the trends and tools needed to craft perfect bridal looks. 

Address: 3010 Locust Street Suite 102, St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone: 314-780-8247

Social: Midtown Makeup & Hair

Contact : Midtown Makeup & Hair Team

Blush on the Boulevard is a St. Louis-based makeup studio specializing in bridal and special occasions makeup. Founded by Tara Lowery, they have been serving people in and beyond St. Louis for more than 9 years. Her love and dedication for the wedding industry have made Blush on the Boulevard one of the most sought-after beauty studios. They feature a range of in-studio and on-location wedding services to meet brides’ different needs. Their in-studio bridal makeup packages range between $90 and $125. To get a quote for on-site bridal makeup, consider talking to Tara or her team. 

Address: 4500 Chouteau Ave St. Louis, MO 63110

Phone: 314-400-8272

Social: Blush on the Blvd Salon

Contact : Jaime & Tara

Heather Romano is a certified makeup artist and hairstylist in St. Louis who specializes in airbrush makeup. Whether you want a unique style or a complete makeover for your wedding day, they can get you any look to give your dreams life. Heather uses airbrushing to apply foundation and blush to make your makeup flawless and long-lasting. She has worked with brides from all walks of life and knows how to achieve your dream. Hire Heather Romano as your bridal beauty artist, describe your dream bridal look, and let her bring it to life using the best products. 

Address: 7403 Manchester Rd. St. Louis, MO 63143

Phone: 314-374-7869

Social: Heather Romano Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

Contact : Heather Romano

Looks By Lisa & Co is an on-site beauty service specializing in bridal hair & makeup to help brides relax on their wedding day. Lisa is a makeup artist with over 15 years of experience in bridal work. She has trained with and worked for artists from Givenchy, Bobbi Brown, and Charlotte Tilbury and knows what it takes to create a classic, elegant, and timeless bridal look. Their bridal makeup services include on-location hair and makeup application for the bride and her party. The team is always excited to provide you with personalized services to make your day smooth.

Address: 11 South Newstead Avenue St Louis, MO

Phone: 314-229-1964

Social: Looks By Lisa & Co

Contact : Lisa Lipsitz

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Make artists and hairstylists you choose can make or break your entire wedding celebrations. These are some of the best hairstylists and makeup artists in the St. Louis area who can add life to your special day. These bridal beauty studios specialize in the wedding industry and can help brides achieve their dream look. Book any of these services today and let them make a custom makeup plan to give you a stunning and elegant bridal look.

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