An award-winning florist, Posh & Prim helps create stylish and elegant weddings with their artistic and bold flower arrangements. With this florist, you can imagine your wedding being filled with fresh florals and delicate blooms that perfectly blend with your wedding theme and highlight the love and emotion of the day. They will tailor your floral design to your specific needs and taste and decorate your venue to add life, vibrancy, and that special extra touch that will have your guests in love with the floral centerpieces, cake flowers, and other arrangements. Posh & Prim will take care of all of your floral needs, from an elegant bouquet and boutonnieres, floral canopies and anything else you want for your wedding day celebration.

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 682-503-9980

Social: Posh & Prim

Contact : Erika & Lorna

Alba Dahlia Floral is an award-winning florist that is passionate about flowers and creating a wonderful floral arrangement for your wedding day celebration. They are a full-service wedding florist who prides themselves on creating unstructured floral designs propelled by nature. You will love their attention to detail and colorful mix of flowers, greenery, and other natural elements that will come together in a stunning floral design that will far exceed your expectations. From gorgeous bouquets, floral canopies, centerpieces, and more, Rachel and her team of creative florists will work with your ideas and colors and create the perfect floral design for your special day. Browse their portfolio, and if you like what you see, give them a call and book your consultation.

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 469-835-9399

Social: Alba Dahlia Floral

Profile: Alba Dahlia Floral

Contact : Rachel

It is not always about color combination and a bunch of unique flowers. It is essential to create a signature look for your wedding if you want your guests to remember it decades from now. Blushington Blooms has the right solution for it with a myriad of textures, unique design styles, and more while keeping the entire decoration light, stylish, and airy. They are famous for bringing out unusual combinations of blooms, foliage, and berries.

Address: 912 Travis Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76104

Phone: 940-531-2584

Social: Blushington Blooms

Profile: Blushington Blooms

Interview: 10 Questions with Blushington Blooms

Contact : Jayla & Brandi

Bright Eyed Blooms is ready to create a luxurious floral arrangement for your wedding day celebration. These creative artists love to experiment with light and color to develop unique floral wedding arrangements that will enhance your wedding day to a new level of color and romance. Their custom designs will amaze you with their bright colors and bold textures. Victoria and her team can handle all of your floral needs, from a stunning bouquet to fabulous centerpieces that are sure to have your guests coveting them. Check out their portfolio of past weddings, and give them a call if you feel they can meet your floral needs for your special day.

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 713-289-4595

Social: Bright Eyed Blooms

Profile: Bright Eyed Blooms

Contact : Victoria

Sage Fine Flowers expertly curates and designs floral arrangements with love in their hearts and a commitment to making your wedding day a stunning vision. They are lovers of nature and organic design, creating timeless floral arrangements for your wedding day. You will work closely with these creative floral artists who will take your colors and ideas and create a magical display of colorful flowers, greens, and other natural elements. You will love their beautiful bouquets, flower walls, centerpieces, and floral canopies. Have an idea for something that is unique as you are? Sage Fine Flowers loves a challenge, and they will come up with the best floral arrangement for your wedding day celebration. 

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 972-768-9673

Social: Sage Fine Flowers

Profile: Sage Fine Flowers

Contact : Tisa Zellers

If you plan a wedding in the Dallas-Fort Worth region or surrounding areas, Haley Nicole Floral is one of the grandest options for you. Haley Noskrent, the lead designer, has ten years of experience and a lifetime’s worth of passion for flowers. She has put together floral designs for more than a hundred weddings and other celebrations. Thus, she understands even your unique tastes or the nostalgic interests you have. May it be romantic or classic; she always has the perfect designs for you. You can also sit down and discuss your needs, followed to the tee with perfection.

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 832-692-1758

Social: Haley Nicole Floral

Profile: Haley Nicole Floral

Interview: 10 Questions with Haley Nicole Floral

Contact : Haley Noskrent

The Blooming Bride believes that flowers can make your ceremony and reception, but they are not the most important thing at your wedding – you and your partner are. This award-winning florist wants to create a stunning floral design for your wedding, regardless of size and budget. While working with their talented florists, they will create a stress-free and fun experience while they educate you on floral design and help you make the right decisions for your floral arrangement. You will love their commitment to your design and detail as they bring your floral vision to life. Let The Blooming Bride create the perfect floral arrangements that will showcase the love and emotion of your special day.

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 817-501-9648

Social: The Blooming Bride

Profile: The Blooming Bride

Contact : Tami Abernathy

One of Fort Worth’s most distinctive floral shops, Flowers On The Square, offers its experience and dedication to creating imaginative floral arrangements for your special day. They help local area brides come up with the perfect floral design based on their ideas and colors. After your initial consultation, they will come up with the best floral designs that will perfectly blend with your wedding theme with colorful flowers for your centerpieces, bouquets, table toppers, and much more. You will love their attention to detail and expert services. Let Flowers On The Square create a stunning floral arrangement for your wedding day celebration. 

Address: 4701 White Settlement Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76114

Phone: 817-870-2888

Social: Flowers On The Square

Profile: Flowers On The Square

Contact : Bill Bostelmann

Flower Shack Blooms is a full-service wedding florist and rental company that creates stunning floral arrangements for brides in Fort Worth and all over Texas. They can handle any size of wedding party and budget. Their floral packages include just the bouquet and boutonnieres and the minimalist package, which includes low centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres. They also have a full floral wedding package that includes all of the floral designs you need for your ceremony and reception with towering centerpieces, flower walls, arches, and creative tabletop decor. You will love their attention to detail and the innovative designs that they come up with for your special day. 

Address: 17515 Matany Rd Ste 7200, Justin, TX 76247

Phone: 210-478-8014

Social: Flower Shack Blooms

Profile: Flower Shack Blooms

Contact : Ashlee Garcia

BowKay Designs is a full-service florist who specializes in the art of flowers. This award-winning florist can custom design your bouquet to match your style and colors, from cascading bouquets, classic white and seasonal bouquets. For your ceremony and reception, they are your one-stop-shop for your ceremony and reception decor. They will help you design the perfect floral arrangements with beautiful floral arches and a walkway lined with rose petals and amazing centerpieces and tabletop decor that your guests will love. BowKay Designs can handle all of your floral needs to make your wedding decor stand above the rest and showcases the love and emotion of your special day. 

Address: 841 N Tarrant Pkwy #107, Keller, TX 76248

Phone: 817-431-1970

Social: BowKay Designs

Profile: BowKay Designs

Contact : Kristi Allen

Elegance With Attitude offers upscale floral arrangements at affordable prices that can meet any style and budget. For eight years, this family-owned florist has helped brides-to-be with their floral arrangements. They offer floral packages for every budget and will work with your ideas to develop the best floral arrangements for your wedding celebration, with elegant bouquets and boutonnieres, colorful floral arches, walls, and columns, and everything you need for your reception with creative centerpieces and cake flowers. Check out their portfolio and if you like their previous designs, give them a call and start creating the best floral arrangement for your wedding day celebration.

Address: 8209 Kentwood Drive, North Richland Hills, TX 76182

Phone: 817-992-5702

Social: Elegance With Attitude

Profile: Elegance With Attitude

Interview: 10 Questions with Elegance With Attitude

Contact : Angie Hines

For over 30 years, David Floral Designs has helped local area brides create stunning floral arrangements for their wedding day celebrations. During your free consultation, they will work with you to pick out the best floral designs that blend seamlessly with your colors and wedding theme. They have elegant bouquets and boutonnieres, colorful floral arches, and even rose petals for your guests to throw at the end of the ceremony. You will love their imaginative centerpieces, cake flowers, and beautiful decor for your reception. For all of your floral needs, David Floral Designs will take care of all of your floral wedding needs for your special day.

Address: 6500 Denton Hwy Suite A-5, Fort Worth, TX 76148

Phone: 817-605-0166

Social: Davis Floral Designs

Profile: Davis Floral Designs

Contact : Mary Davis

Since 1992, The Enchanted Florist has provided stunning floral arrangements for weddings and events. They customize every arrangement to your specific needs and likes, including considering the time of your wedding, season, and venue, so you get the best possible flowers for your special day. Their style is natural, classic, and bold, and they treat each event as a chance to show off their creative talents and create masterful works of art blending colors and textures to produce an unforgettable floral design. They love what they do, and it shows in their work. Check out their portfolio and if you like their style, book your consultation and let them create the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding day.

Address: 3901 West Fwy #125, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: 817-738-0648

Social: The Enchanted Florist

Profile: The Enchanted Florist

Contact : Terri Mckinney

House Of Flowers DFW is an award-winning florist with more than 30 years of experience creating imaginative floral wedding designs. Their style ranges from modern and chic to natural and classic, and they hold 12 certifications in floral design. Their superior level of service will shine through as they work with you to interpret your style and hand-select your flowers for quality and freshness. Their floral designs will elevate your decor to a new level, and their flowers will reflect your style and personality while showcasing the love and romance of your special day. Let House Of Flowers DFW bring your dream wedding to life with their creative and unique floral designs. 

Address: Trophy Club, TX 76262

Phone: 469-556-0766

Social: House Of Flowers DFW

Profile: House Of Flowers DFW

Contact : Camilla Baird

At DFW Flowers, their floral artists will ensure your wedding day flowers will perfectly match your personality and lifestyle. They understand that no two brides are alike and that their weddings should be as unique as they are. They will get to know you and your likes during your free consultation and choose only the freshest flowers for your special day. They will create amazing arrangements that you will absolutely love. They will take care of everything, from beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres, ceremony flowers, table decor and centerpieces for your reception, and everything in between to make your wedding celebration shine bright with the love and emotion of the day. 

Address: 1416 NW 25th St, Fort Worth, TX 76164

Phone: 817-624-8413

Social: DFW Flowers

Profile: DFW Flowers

Contact : DFW Flowers Team

For over 70 years, Northside Florist has created floral arrangements that are uniquely designed and affordably priced. They love to create wonderful arrangements for your wedding and can handle any size wedding party and budget. Their creative designers will design the best bouquets, flower arrangements, and on-site decorating that will perfectly blend with your wedding theme and colors. They will elevate your wedding day to a whole new level of grace and beauty with their stunning ceremony flowers, towering centerpieces, and other reception decors. For an established florist with the experience and dedication to your wedding, call Northside Florist for all of your flower needs. 

Address: 512 W Central Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164

Phone: 817-626-5464

Social: Northside Florist

Contact : Northside Florist Team

3D Floral Design is an award-winning florist providing amazing floral wedding designs for local area couples. Their design team is top-notch and will work with you to develop a bespoke floral arrangement that perfectly matches your style and personality. Whether your style is classic, traditional, modern, bohemian, glam, or cutting-edge, their floral artists can take on any challenge that you bring them. They are committed to using only the highest-quality flowers that will look and smell great all day long. For a fun, aromatic time while picking your flowers, choose 3D Floral Design for all your floral wedding arrangements.

Address: 5755 Carlisle Ct #200, North Richland Hills, TX 76180

Phone: 817-514-7555

Social: 3D Floral Design

Contact : Carmen

There is no other day like your wedding day. Since it is a day that stays close to your heart, you ought to craft it based on your preferences. Gordon Boswell Flowers is an experienced florist service provider specialized in ballroom reception, resort wedding, and outdoor settings. Young couples always come up with new ideas, even at the last minute, and only florists with a well-connected network like Gordon Boswell Flowers can keep up the promise and accommodate those ideas. After all, it should be a stress-free and memorable day for you.

Address: 1226 Pennsylvania Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76104

Phone: 817-332-2266

Social: Gordon Boswell Flowers

Profile: Gordon Boswell Flowers

Contact : Boswell

General floral decorations and centerpieces do not make a unique statement, but fine-art floral designs can. You can add one-of-a-kind fine-art centerpieces to the dinner table, over-all decoration for an intimate ceremony, and more. They have been named the Best Florist by Fort Worth Wedding Magazine and are experts at creating floral arrangements for elopements and destination weddings. They hand-pick foliage and flowers from local nurseries and micro-flower farms, making it possible to bring out the best decoration.

Address: 1619 W Allen Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110

Phone: 817-501-8039

Social: Moss Floral Design

Profile: Moss Floral Design

Contact : Adri Smith

Why should it always be a choice between roses and lilies? Do you want a more comprehensive catalog and options? It is time to choose professionals who are capable of thinking out of the traditional wedding customs. Do you have a wedding vision board? Well, TCU Florist has the right resources to put it together with no compromises. Are you running on a tight budget? They work to ensure that their services don’t break the bank, so you can still enjoy the best floral décor for the day.

Address: 3131 South University Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76109

Phone: 817-924-2211

Social: TCU Florist

Profile: TCU Florist

Contact : TCU Florist Team

Justine’s Flowers guarantee you lush bouquets, beautiful centerpieces, unique ceremony flowers, curated flower containers, corsages, and more. They have years of experience in creating lush and budget wedding decorations, and their services include flower decorations, artisan containers, on-site installation, and more. Are you in a hurry? You can pick from the la-carte of packages in a couple of minutes.

Address: 6511 E. Lancaster Ave Fort Worth, TX 76112

Phone: 817-821-8589

Social: Justine's Flowers

Profile: Justine's Flowers

Contact : ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Justine

Cityview Florist and Gifts handcrafts every floral arrangement to create a one-of-a-kind design that you truly desire. This small family-owned business has been turning weddings into magical events since 2006. Cityview Florist and Gifts does not bombard you with simple choices like daisies, carnations, and leather leaves. They pick upscale species to create a marvelous decoration for your once-in-a-lifetime event. Do you want a seasonal decoration, or do you have a theme in mind? Share your inspiration with them, and they will create a mind-blowing vision board for you.

Address: 6120 Bryant Irvin Rd, Fort Worth, TX, 76132

Phone: 817-294-1515

Social: Cityview Florist and Gifts

Profile: Cityview Florist and Gifts

Contact : Holli Ackerman

Camellia Farm Flora has the strategic advantage of being a farm family-owned business. Thus, you can expect fresh, locally-grown flowers for your wedding decorations. They specialize in decorations for church weddings, indoor grand weddings, open-sky weddings, boutique hotel weddings, and barn weddings. Every bride has a different style in mind, and Camellia Farm Flora helps to express that style with uniquely decorated floral designs.

Address: 717 Lamar St Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817-386-2466

Social: Camellia Farm Flora

Profile: Camellia Farm Flora

Contact : Tammie Warner

Do you have an intimate wedding plan with just $300 for floral decorations? Or, do you want to put all cards in for a blue-blooded wedding? What do you have in mind, a traditional classic wedding, or something that would make Instagram scream with comments? Upsy Daisy Designs has got all your choices covered in either situation. Upsy Daisy creates its designs by keeping your preferences and venue details in mind. Thus, you can expect a custom-designed decoration for your wedding.

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 817-944-7006

Social: Upsy Daisy Designs

Profile: Upsy Daisy Designs

Contact : Jamie

Payne’s Florist and Gifts know the right flowers for each season. Let them know your date, and they will pick the seasonal flowers suitable for you. Or, do you have a color theme in mind? It need not be classic like white, pink, or red. You can pick from a wide range of colors, including orange, green, and more. Payne’s Florist and Gifts was once a family-owned business. Today, it is under a new leadership focusing on unique areas like dried floral arrangements, silk flower arrangements, gourmet gift baskets, high-style floral decorations, European gardens, and more.

Address: 2201 Altamesa Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76134

Phone: 817-294-8941

Social: Payne's Florist and Gifts

Profile: Payne's Florist and Gifts

Contact : Mary Spratt

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Finding a florist for your wedding should be a fun and aromatic time. By choosing one of these top wedding florists in Fort Worth, TX, you can relax knowing your floral wedding designs will match your ideas perfectly. Whether you like simple and clean, formal, boho, or modern and bold, you will find the right florist for your style and budget. You are sure to find the right florist to elevate your wedding theme with a colorful floral display that will capture the love and romance of your wedding day. Check out their portfolios and choose the florist that speaks to you the most. 

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