Sound Express Mobile Entertainment

Sound Express Mobile Entertainment, a seasoned gem in Modesto, CA, brings over 40 years of expertise to the wedding DJ scene. Renowned as the “Professional Party People,” they infuse weddings, proms, and birthdays with infectious energy and unwavering professionalism. Trusted by families, organizations, and friend groups alike, their top-notch equipment and adept event DJs ensure magical moments at every celebration. Committed to excellence, Sound Express tailors add-on options to your party’s unique needs, elevating the experience to new heights. For those dreaming of the ultimate wedding or a perfect event, Sound Express Mobile Entertainment stands as the go-to choice for an unforgettable celebration.

Address: 3400 Finch Rd, Modesto, CA 95354

Phone: 209-576-1890

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Todd

Martinez DJ Service

In the heart of Modesto, CA, wedding dreams come alive with a touch of magic from a distinguished service. Understanding the profound importance of every detail on your special day, this Popular Wedding DJ goes beyond just playing music – they create memories for a lifetime. Renowned as wedding specialists, they meticulously curate an experience that transcends expectations. With a commitment to excellence, this DJ service transforms weddings into enchanting moments etched in time. For those in search of more than just a music provider, this Popular Wedding DJ in Modesto stands as a beacon for crafting extraordinary, unforgettable celebrations.

Address: Modesto, CA

Phone: 209-544-0628

Social: Facebook

Contact : Moises Martinez

TNT Productions DJ

Elevate your wedding celebration with T.N.T. Productions DJ, a Modesto, CA gem since 1979. As seasoned mobile disc jockey experts, they bring full-service entertainment to weddings, school dances, company parties, and various events. Offering customizable packages, T.N.T. caters to diverse preferences, including Karaoke, Video Disc Jockey (VJ) Services, Jeopardy Game Show, and Photo Booth Rentals. Acknowledging the significance of your wedding day, they ensure a seamless and memorable experience. With an extensive music selection spanning genres, from Classical to Top 40, T.N.T. Productions guarantee the right tunes for every moment. Elevate your wedding ambiance with optional upgrades like H2O lights, disco balls, and laser lights, making T.N.T. Productions DJ your go-to choice for a joyous and personalized celebration.

Address: 4120 Dale Rd J8 103, Modesto, CA 95356

Phone: 209-529-5142

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : DJ Rob

LeRoy Productions

With a commitment to the sensitivity and honor of your wedding day, LeRoy Productions in Modesto, CA, emerges as a top choice for unforgettable celebrations. DJ and Owner James Scott, a veteran with 15 years in the entertainment industry, guarantees the highest level of service with a personal touch. Having collaborated with major names in the industry, James brings a wealth of experience to your special event. Rooted in a ‘No Fail’ attitude, inspired by personal resilience, LeRoy Productions ensures an atmosphere where you and your guests are guaranteed to boogie. Specializing in traditional and LGBT weddings, as well as various events, LeRoy Productions promises a memorable, joyous occasion tailored to your unique vision.

Address: Modesto, CA

Phone: 510-681-4105

Social: Facebook

Contact : James Scott

Star Soundz

Crafting unforgettable moments that linger in the heart, Star Soundz stands out as the premier DJ service in Modesto, CA. With over a decade of experience, they tailor music services to your event, ensuring a personalized touch. From the latest Top-40 hits to timeless classics in English and Spanish, their diverse music selection caters to every taste. Specializing in weddings and private parties, Star Soundz becomes the maestro of your special day, delivering exceptional DJ services and keeping the energy alive on the dance floor. Armed with state-of-the-art technology, their team transforms events into extraordinary experiences, exceeding expectations and creating memories that last a lifetime. Choose Star Soundz for an amazing and memorable celebration.

Address: Modesto, CA

Phone: 209-900-4594

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Star Soundz Team

DJ Ja Boy

Renowned as the most recommended DJ in Modesto, CA, DJ Ja Boy transforms events into unforgettable experiences. With a passion for family-oriented occasions, DJ Ja Boy seamlessly blends honesty, respect, and consideration into his services. Boasting 15 years of unwavering commitment, he values integrity, never missing an event and refusing tempting offers from higher-paying customers. Having collaborated with renowned brands and diverse venues, DJ Ja Boy’s extensive experience speaks volumes. Whether tailoring music to client preferences or orchestrating hits for those unsure, his expertise, determination, and innovation ensure every event is a resounding success. Trust DJ Ja Boy for a wedding day filled with personalized tunes and a guaranteed good time.

Address: 931 10th St #460, Modesto, CA 95354

Phone: 209-495-8490

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Mario Rueda

The Quake Mobile DJ

Bringing the rhythm of celebration to Modesto since 1990, The Quake Mobile DJ stands as a cornerstone in the wedding entertainment scene. With a commitment to elevating your special day, their qualified staff caters to various events, specializing in weddings. DJ Efren J Martin, a hometown graduate with a passion for music since age 13, founded The Quake, inspired by his love for diverse genres. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and personalized CD recordings, The Quake Mobile DJ ensures crystal-clear tunes for your unforgettable moments. With three pre-event consultations, music formatting, and a DJ dedicated to matching your wedding theme, trust The Quake Mobile DJ for a harmonious and memorable wedding celebration.

Address: Modesto, CA

Phone: 209-551-8771

Social: Facebook

Contact : Efren J Martin 

DJ Phil Baker

Since 2011, DJ Phil Baker has been the go-to choice for those seeking a professional DJ service in Modesto, CA. Understanding the profound impact a DJ can have on weddings and special events, DJ Phil Baker brings the perfect blend of motivation, talent, and experience to the table. Armed with pro-grade equipment, excellent communication skills, and an innate ability to read the crowd, DJ Phil Baker has been creating incredible mixes and lasting memories. Don’t leave your event to chance – make the sound choice by entrusting DJ Phil Baker with your next celebration. With a proven track record of satisfaction, your event is in capable hands for an unforgettable experience.

Address: Modesto, CA

Phone: 209-610-4031

Social: Instagram

Contact : DJ Phil Baker

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As you wrap up the final details for your upcoming wedding, the music remains a pivotal element that can truly transform your celebration into a magical experience. The Modesto-based DJs on our list are not just professionals; they are artists who understand the significance of every beat on your special day. Whether you envision a romantic ballad for your first dance or a lively playlist that keeps everyone on their feet, these talented individuals have got you covered. Your wedding day deserves nothing but the best, and with these popular DJs in Modesto, your soundtrack will be as unforgettable as the love you and your partner share. So, let the music play, the love flow, and your wedding day become the symphony of a lifetime. Cheers to a harmonious celebration of your love!

In the kaleidoscope of emotions that your wedding day brings, the right DJ becomes the orchestrator, weaving the soundtrack of your love story into every moment. Our selected DJs in Modesto, CA, have proven themselves as masters of this craft, infusing passion and professionalism into every beat. As you bid farewell to your wedding night, the echoes of laughter, joy, and music will linger in your hearts. These DJs are not just experts; they are creators of memories, ensuring that the melodies resonate with the essence of your union. So, dear couples, as you embark on this new chapter, may your love story continue to dance to the rhythm of the tunes that colored your wedding day. Cheers to a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and music that remains eternally yours.

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