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Founding the concept of “mindful planning,” and with a professional background in wellness, it’s our goal to pace your planning. We know you want to enjoy your engagement, your planning and your wedding day. Think of how often you hear someone say “I wish we could replay our wedding in slow motion.” It is possible, and this is where we shine.

We love what we do! The breadth of our skill set supports the smallest and most intimate wedding to multiple day-multiple venue large scope weddings and budget.

Meet Aimée!

I care a tremendous amount about each couple I work with, and thus, see it as my job to help create your wedding your way – creating very individual weddings from intimate and organic affairs to the more glamorous and opulent occasions.

Vendor Profile - Aimée Newlander

Aimée Newlander


A professional wedding planner will bring all of their experience (logistics, vendors, budget management, design inspiration, professional partnerships.....) to your wedding planning. This is what you're investing in. Interview multiple planners and "You'll know" you've met the right one... and when you do, don't wait to hire them. Use them for every minute you have them. Setting budget goals, managing expectations, helping you stay on track, save money and/or keeping an eye on money management on YOUR priorities. The other piece is to help you have something unique - a wedding day that you and your friends will remember forever! Caring about you is their strength that you benefit from.
Yes - absolutely. We call them "friendors" and a well planned event can organize time in a way that your friends will be able to 'play that vendor role' AND be a guest at the wedding! This gets organized into a Master Time Line and discussed before the wedding so everyone is on the same page. :)
Talk openly (as tough as it may be) with financial contributors about budget. This helps you manage your budget from the start and stick with your priority list. If you are paying for it yourself - sit down with each other and come up with a priority list of what the MOST important things you want for your wedding. Be as specific as possible. (ceremony, Live Music, Food, Specialty drinks, having a Sustainable event, Flowers, decor...) 2nd is to create your guest list. This will help you when picking your wedding venue. I personally am not a fan of having a "B List". My tip is just really evaluate at the beginning how small or big you want your wedding. 3rd is to decide if you are going to hire a planner and research how much planners in that area charge. This may be an investment outside of 'wedding day' budget.
A Slow Wedding is a wedding that supports local small businesses. By utilizing 'local' as best as you can, the wedding budget will help keep that local community thriving. It is also about resources and materials: we are mindful about food and flower resourcing (supports local farms, farmers markets and growers) as well as using materials that will not sit in a landfill. Lastly, it's about creating a wedding day that is all about you and allowing you time to be a guest and walk away remembering your wedding day, having time to visit and time to eat all that amazing food! lol. (believe it or not - that's not common.... there's a stigma that you don't have time to eat, visit with guests or participate in your special day)
Hire a planner. :D. What I tell every couple is "life gets busy and add planning a wedding to it all and it can feel even more busy.. So, calendar one day during the week "Wedding Wednesday" to tackle 1 or 2 homework items. Order burritos, put your slippers on and enjoy. This way, it keeps your weekends free to do the things that you love to do!


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