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Like stars in the sky, every face is unique and the right makeup artist can help you shine from the inside out. Looking your best can transform your mood and confidence in a powerful way. Because of this, I understand that every detail of skin care and makeup application deserves careful consideration and must be customized to each person.

Having your makeup done professionally is a very personal experience and you want to be sure you’re in capable hands. As a licensed esthetician and classically trained makeup artist, it is of great importance to me to follow proper sanitation procedures, appropriate uses of skin care, and utilize specific makeup techniques to ensure a safe, beautiful, and long wearing application.

At the heels of my specialized skills in esthetics and makeup artistry lies the practices and knowledge I’ve gained as a fine artist. Having these fine artistry skills greatly influence my approach to beauty as a makeup artist today. The knowledge prepares me for when I work on skin of various textures, types and tones as well as what tools I use and how I use them. The eyes, face, and lips are all carefully curated so that each client is transformed into a timeless masterpiece.

Vendor Profile - Theresa Burden

Theresa Burden

Theresa Burden Makeup Artistry LLC provides onsite luxury beauty services. We do photoshoots, special events, makeup lessons, retail, weddings, and commercial work.

We are located in Apex, North Carolina, but travel as far as needed, including but not limited to Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Holly Springs, Pittsboro, Garner, Clayton, Willow Spring, New Hill, & Wake Forest.

Theresa Burden is a licensed esthetician and a classically trained makeup artist with a background in fine art. Every year she invests in her craft so that she can provide you with highly skilled artistry and luxurious pampering.

Hair services available upon request.

Theresa Burden Makeup Artistry is a licensed and insured business.

LGBTQ+ friendly business


While every artist, including myself, has their own style, I still customize all my client's makeup to their individual needs and preferences. I have a few goals: I need for you to still feel like you, and have the makeup accentuate your best features while making you feel confident in how you look and feel for your event.
As soon as possible! I get booked up very fast and get up to 30 inquiries for one date! I suggest booking your visual vendors (photography, videography, hair and makeup) first if you are a bride. We (makeup) are the first ones on the scene and can help you with planning the schedule for the first part of the day. Makeup is so personal; you want to make sure you find someone that can make you feel like the best version of yourself.
Yes and no. During peak months, holidays, and weekends there may be a minimum. If you don't reach the service minimum you can opt to pay the dollar equivalent or come to my studio.
Yes! My makeup services are completely mobile. I transport all of my equipment to you to provide a luxurious beauty experience. Items I bring with me include a makeup chair, professional lighting, a towel warming station for luxury pampering, skincare for all skin types, a professional makeup kit built for global skin tones, and clean brushes for each client receiving makeup. I also have a studio location, where you can come to me.
Yes! I like to call them makeup previews. For the makeup preview, I like to have a consultation before we start so that I can truly capture your vision (or help you get to one if you don't have one). I will then begin the luxury skin prep process with a mini facial and proceed with makeup and custom lashes. Doing a makeup preview will also allow you to tell me how the makeup lasted and we can make adjustments to ensure the best longevity for your special day, whether it’s for a wedding or another special event. For example, if you are afraid you may sweat too much for your liking, I can apply a facial antiperspirant. Everyone’s skin is different, so special care is taken for each individual's needs.


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