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We are a team of freelance photographers and videographers who are deeply committed to capturing life’s authentic beauty, love, and joyful moments. For more than a decade, we’ve been delighting people by creating stunning visuals that not only reflect the essence of the moment but also convey genuine emotions. Beyond the lens, we are passionate about traveling, hiking, making new friends, and creating a comfortable and fun atmosphere. Your story is a beautiful journey, and we’re excited to be part of the next chapter! With joy-filled hearts, we ensure your moments are celebrated, preserving genuine emotions.

Life is meant to be celebrated and savored. Our work rescues fleeting moments, valuing the present and fostering love today, creating a beautiful journey for your story. As a team of freelance photographers and videographers, we are deeply committed to the core values of life, beauty, love, and joy. With over a decade of experience, we have delighted people by creating stunning visuals that not only reflect the essence of the moment but also convey genuine emotions.

Vendor Profile - Taras & Alla Yasniy

Taras & Alla Yasniy

Our mission is to exhibit why we should cherish every moment of our life. We want to convince the viewer to treasure not just the photographic remnants of the past, but also the people that surround us now, in the present.

💯👍If you are just browsing, feel free to explore our Instagrams -tarasyasniy and allayasniy.photography

♥️We are passionate about:
•Traveling & hiking
•We capture emotions!
•Meeting and make new friends
•Helping people to feel comfortable and having fun
•Ocean, desert, mountains and trees
•Gardening and eating healthy

📸Gear we use:
•Sony Mirrorless
•50mm 1.2 and many more Prime Lenses
•Lighting equipment, but mostly we love to use natural lighting
•Video equipment to capture some creative reels during our shoots
•Off-Road car


Our typical process for working with new clients involves a few steps. Initially, we'll set up a Zoom call or an in-person meeting to delve into your videography/photography needs and expectations. Should the couple decide to proceed, a deposit will be necessary to secure the booking, and we'll also sign a wedding agreement.
We work with different amazing clientele – families, events, and more. Each person has their own ideas, and we make sure to capture what matters to them. Our goal is to tell stories through our pictures, connecting with the special moments in people's lives.
Before discussing their project with professionals, customers should consider key factors such as determining their budget, specifying the required hours of work, and outlining the desired photo/video look, including any preferred locations.
For customers looking to hire a vendor, we recommend checking their Instagram for posting frequency and understanding their unique style. Additionally, it's crucial to assess the vendor's communication skills, considering factors such as prompt replies and their ability to address all questions thoroughly.
Taras began his career as a photography designer, showcasing his skills in the realm of visual artistry. Alla, his wife, initially started working as a partner photographer with Taras during the early stages of their venture. Today, while managing their individual client portfolios, they collaboratively engage in substantial projects.



16 Reviews for Taras & Alla Yasniy Photography

  • Taisa B
    Taisa B wrote a review May 2, 2024
    Personal & Professional

    Taras was easy to work with and very pleasant. He was polite and friendly.

    Taras took the time to FaceTime with us before the wedding and look at t...he setting of where the photos would be taken pre-wedding. He helped point out areas of good lighting and gave us suggestions of how to improve the space to make the photoshoot more efficient.

    He was flexible with our time and willing to stay longer to take photos for us after the reception. He managed to remain excited & pumped despite a 12+ day!

    Taras remembered to take our requested photos, which was sweet. We really liked the photos! Even my dad, who is hard to impress, stated that he respected the photos Taras took. It was a pleasure to work with Taras and his team and we’d recommend him to our friends and family!

    Date of wedding: 07-18-2020

  • Sophia H
    Sophia H wrote a review May 1, 2024
    The best photographer, hands down

    Taras is AMAZING. Not only is he the kindest soul you’ll ever meet but his work makes you feel and look like a movie star. He is a natural at making... you feel comfortable behind the camera. He makes us feel our best during the shoot and after receiving the pictures we feel even greater! We have never felt more beautiful and it is all thanks to him. His work is timeless. They are the kind of pictures that people want to stop and stare at. Thank you Taras for everything you have done and will continue to do for our family, we will never stop coming to you!

    Date of wedding: 09-26-2021

  • Alysa B
    Alysa B wrote a review April 8, 2024
    Our Childrens’ Wedding August 2023

    My husband, myself, my daughters, my now son in law, and his parents were thrilled and honored to have Taras as our photographer for our childrens' we...dding in August of 2023. Taras' level of professionalism and genius at his art is stunning. His ability to create an environment where people are able to show on camera their most authentic selves at such an important marker in their lives is brilliant. Everyone felt at home and comfortable. He fit right in with all the bridesmaids in the bridal suite and with the groomsmen in the groom's den, he found everyone at all the right times to capture the best and most memorable moments, and it was obvious that he loves what he does. His approach to the "golden hour" photographs still takes my breath away each time I look at them. He has the uncanny ability to be flawless at his photography technique while being so candidly human simultaneously. This is perhaps why his work is so good. Taras is the person you want to entrust with such an important event in your family's history.

    Date of wedding: 09-01-2023

  • Diana K
    Diana K wrote a review March 25, 2024
    Absolutely Stunning Work!

    Taras captured our wedding day in better ways than we could ever imagine! He was a pleasure to work with and understood what we wanted for our photos.... He communicated really well on how we should pose to look our best. He was quick to respond to emails/texts and was easy to work with anytime we had misunderstandings which makes the wedding planning less stressful. Taras went out of his way to snap the right angles and poses to capture our emotions. His editing really made the photos come to life and we can see the amount of effort to detail he put into each photograph. All of the photos and editing were stunning! Taras really tried his best to make our day last as a special memory and we’re so grateful for his talented work!

    Date of wedding: 08-06-2022

  • Antonina M
    Antonina M wrote a review February 23, 2024
    Fun and Easy!

    Taras is really a master and professional of what he is doing! It is so easy to work with him and so much fun!!! Unforgettable days for sure. Found Ta...ras on Instagram, watched some pictures of his work. Watched couple YouTube videos of weddings. We reached out to him and he answered right away. We are living 4 hours apart so he gave us an opportunity to have a zoom meeting with him on the next day. Over the zoom call, he was really open with us. We did not feel discomfort at all. He sounded professional! Then we had a pre wedding photoshoot and it was really easy to work with him. Me and my husband enjoyed and of coursed hired him for our special day! Can’t stop looking at my pictures and the video! Definitely recommend to hire Taras!!!

    Date of wedding: 02-26-2022

  • Carrie S
    Carrie S wrote a review January 5, 2024
    Colorful and timeless photos, wonderful people

    Taras and Alla are incredible photographers and wonderful people. We wanted colorful and timeless photos and that’s definitely what we got. We are i...ncredibly happy we used them for both our engagement photos and wedding photos (highly highly recommend doing that). They were also very supportive on the wedding day. I really don’t love standing for so many pictures in a row especially trying to wrangle family and Alla was so sweet and encouraging. Great value, beautiful pictures! We’ll use them again if we can.

    Date of wedding: 10-07-2022

  • Karolina K
    Karolina K wrote a review December 12, 2023
    Breathtaking photography work!!!!

    Words can’t describe how incredible Taras and his team were at our wedding. We hired him for photography and videography for our engagement and wedd...ing pictures. We were pleased to find out all the extra percs our package came with! Also, airbrush editing was a big deal to me so after seeing Taras wedding samples I knew he was the man for the job! I was very pleased with the result. Him and his team were extremely accommodating with my specific editing and photo angle/perspective requests. Him and his team really went above and beyond and were such a joy to have at our wedding! If you are camera shy (like me) he’s also wonderful with making you feel comfortable, having fun (he’s pretty funny, haha), and helping direct poses for beginners! Highly recommend him for any photography or videography work!!!

    Date of wedding: 11-11-2022

  • Sol M
    Sol M wrote a review December 8, 2023
    The most beautiful wedding day photos!

    In love with our wedding day photos. Taras captured our wedding day perfectly. He is amazing as what he does and I happy we booked with him— I know ...how beautiful pictures to always remember my wedding day. Taras is friendly, flexible, and a professional at what he does, he knows how to get the work done!

    Date of wedding: 08-12-2023

  • Kelly M
    Kelly M wrote a review December 6, 2023
    Taras you are amazing!!!

    Taras exceeded all expectations. If I could I would give him a 10 star review I would. Taras made not only our wedding unforgettable but our engagemen...t shoot. For our engagement shoot it was POURING down rain at the beach. Taras had my husband and I running around on the beach to stay warm and because of that our photos turned out so candid. On our wedding day Taras captured every detail. He made us feel relaxed, and stayed so organized so that not only could we eat and talk to guests but we also were able to get all the photos we wanted. I cannot thank Taras for all he did.

    Date of wedding: 07-01-2023

  • Vasiliy P
    Vasiliy P wrote a review December 4, 2023
    Hands down our favorite photographers

    Taras and Alla are amazing! We had them at our engagement, wedding and trash the dress photo shoot. Many reasons why we went with them but here are so...me of the top.

    1) Taras is always positive, patient, cheerful and honest. He’s always willing to work with you and your ideas. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, ask him. He is full of ideas and loves trying new places.
    2) The quality of work he provides are hard to find. All of our photos turned out spectacular, not to mention the amount of photos you get to choose from.
    3) Value. Yes, you can find anyone out there for cheaper, but ask yourself, will you be satisfied with the finished product? How will your experience be? I can safely say that after 3 photo shoots, we are beyond satisfied with the value we got everytime.

    I learned one key aspect of photography from Taras that has stuck with me. The photographer is there to not just take pictures and edit them, they are there to capture moments that last a lifetime. I realized that those moments are not only generated by everyone in the photo but also the person taking the photo. The person behind the camera can impact the moment tremendously. Taras was able to always keep our spirits high and capture the best moments we created.

    We consider Taras and Alla not just as photographers, we consider them as friends. Especially after getting to know them and traveling together. We hope that you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy such a great experience as well!

    Date of wedding: 07-18-2021

  • Vik  Z
    Vik Z wrote a review November 18, 2023
    Captured Perfect Moments

    Taras provided photography and videography services for our wedding. His attention to detail, professionalism and the flexibility made it a full packa...ge for us.

    We were extremely satisfied with Taras’s work. Starting with the initial meet and greet and ending with delivering the final touches and products. Taras was literally a phone call away to provide guidance, support, and was punctual in his communication with the next steps.

    Taras loves to capture the perfect moments and is very passionate about it. His brilliant and creative approaches are seen in every photograph and video. We saw his commitment to deliver exceptional content that we will cherish forever. We are excited to share these unforgettable moments with our children one day.

    Without doubt a true professional who loves what he does. Highly recommended!!

    Date of wedding:

  • Iuliia  K
    Iuliia K wrote a review November 17, 2023
    Just the best wedding photographer!

    Taras was our wedding photographer, and we loved working with him! We were so impressed by his professionalism and passion, attention to details. He i...s so friendly, it was so easy to work with him. Taras did an amazing job! Photos were amazing! He always tried to create peaceful and joyful atmosphere, so we could relax and enjoy our wedding day.
    Taras is one of the most professional, honest, friendly, patient, and respectful people I’ve ever met.
    I can’t imagine better wedding photographer!

    Date of wedding: 12-22-2021

  • Bogdan K
    Bogdan K wrote a review November 17, 2023
    My favorite wedding and family photographer!

    Taras Yasniy is that kind of a photographer who turns photography into art. His professional skills, ethics, attitude are unquestionable. We find his ...creativity, style, and sense of beauty to be very unique. In addition, he is a very approachable person and easy to work with.

    We enjoyed having Taras on our own wedding four years ago and also have seen many other weddings in our community where Taras worked. Taras keeps improving his professional skills and technology use in photo/video shooting and editing. I am often surprised to see how Taras frequently upgrades his equipment with the best one that currently exists on the market. All this allows Taras to achieve the highest level of quality possible and remain the best photographer I've ever known.

    We would recommend Taras Yasniy for those who want their wedding photo and video to be perfect and inimitable. Here is one thing to keep in mind if you would like to be the lucky one to get him. Taras is in demand not only locally in Oregon and Washington, but also in other states of the US and sometimes in Europe. He is very booked up, so I would recommend planning and contacting him ahead of time. I would also recommend you to get more familiar with his photos and videos in social networks and YouTube.

    Date of wedding: 12-22-2021

  • Lily S
    Lily S wrote a review November 15, 2023

    Great customer service! Would highly recommend. Surpassed all expectations.

    Date of wedding: 01-22-2022

  • David R
    David R wrote a review November 10, 2023
    Best photographer ever

    Taras and his team were an absolute dream to work with! They did our proposal photo shoot, wedding photos, and trash-the-dress post-wedding photo shoo...t. His expertise in photography is absolutely undeniable and he also gave us great advice with other wedding-related items and decisions we had to make which was definitely greatly appreciated and helped make the day that much more enjoyable. You can definitely tell that Taras loves what he does and does it exceptionally well - we enjoyed the photo shoots and loved the photos!

    Date of wedding:

  • Haisse F
    Haisse F wrote a review November 10, 2023
    Amazing experience

    Taras was probably one of the better photographers I’ve had and been around with during a wedding, and to have him take my wedding photos after seei...ng his portfolio? Amazing. He blended with my our family and valued my wedding like if it was his. He wanted to make it memorable not only for great pictures for us to remember like if it was his own. I loved every picture so far.

    Date of wedding:

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