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Stevee Danielle Hair and Makeup salon was opened in 2009 when I, Stevee, was 20 years old. The purpose of the salon, and those who commit their skills to it, is to make people feel beautiful. Every one of the staffed stylists share the passion and gratitude to possess a skill that can brighten up the day of anyone who wants to feel confident about the way they look. The goal is not to make someone look like what we want them to look like, but what they want to see in the mirror. Our art is, of course, expression, but it is not our own.

We combine our skills with our clients expression and personality. Our goal is to make you feel like you look like the best version of you. Our artists are all trained in a specific promotional order to ensure quality service.

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Stevee Danielle


If we provide them, they are $10 extra. If you provide them then we put them on for free
We come to you and there is no traveling fee
We will put them in and style them at no additional charge



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