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Ever since I opened my eyes for the first time in this life, I have seen the world through a creative lens. The gift of art was bestowed on me by my Creator and I incorporate it in every aspect of my life from drawing, to cooking, to making music, in my work, and at home, as a mother and a wife. Choosing the medium of Hair and Makeup as the art to make my living only seemed natural. With 9 years experience in the industry, and the recent launch of SC Beauty, my on-site event hair and makeup business, I am sure to bring you the customized look you desire for your special day. I see every face and every head of hair as a unique and perfected creation, and I only aim to enhance that beauty, not cover it. Bringing joy to the world is an innate desire of mine, and my calling is to accomplish that by helping to make everyone I touch, look and feel like their most beautiful self.

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Samantha Cronk


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