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Sam and Grace are partners in life and business. Capturing beautiful memories is our thing. We’re able to do this by building a real relationship with our clients. We walk alongside engaged couples who are looking for professionals to guide them along the way.

You have been dreaming of this day and it is almost here. The job of capturing great images of your beautiful wedding can’t be trusted to just anyone, and you’re looking for the best fit for you. You want to have breathtaking art from your day to display in your home, and you want to be able to trust your photographer to preserve the details of your story so they will last a lifetime, even into future generations.

We’re humbled and honored to have been able to capture wedding stories since 2012. We believe there is nothing more important than taking exceptional care of you and making sure your joy, personality, and hard work are shown off through our photography. Our work is 99% focused on candids that capture the true you, and we believe the best way to do this is through developing a friendship with you. Throughout the time leading up to your celebration, we work with you in person and virtually in order to make sure all loose ends are tied up beautifully and that everyone knows what to expect the day of your wedding. We serve couples in the Columbus, Ohio area and are willing to travel throughout Ohio and the USA.

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Grace Smith


Around 6 weeks after your wedding day we will have an in-person or virtual photography reveal party. During this engagement your photo album and final images will be presented to you, with the option to make purchases of heirlooms and products for your home and family. You will be able to access your images in an online gallery, as well as a USB drive that is gifted to you with your final images. Our wedding films take 6 months to complete.
I capture candid moments through lifestyle photography rather than focusing on posing you. I always make sure to grab a few posed portraits throughout your wedding day, but I focus on capturing your emotions of joy and laughter rather than forcing smiles. In order to help you remain at ease and to help you have fun, I tend to make a fool of myself for your enjoyment. I knew my theater degree would pay off someday! In regards to my editing style, I keep my images colorful and bold. I believe that classic and timeless prevails over trendy styles so your images will be relevant for generations to come. Our wedding films are cinematic and emotional.
As crazy as it may sound, I average around 4,000 raw images per wedding. I have a crazy trigger finger because I hate the idea of missing any moment from the day. I also can’t imagine delivering a blurry photograph. I deliver 40-50 images an hour for around 400 images for an 8 hour wedding. I narrow down the images so you do not have to, but I also narrow down the images to the best of the best. When I go about this task I make sure to keep at least one image from every part of your wedding that I’ve captured, even if it’s an embarrassing photograph of a toasted uncle dancing in the background during the reception.
I record audio of the entire ceremony, as well as the toasts. I edit down the toasts to what makes sense for the story and what I think the bride and groom would appreciate on your video (you never know what you’re going to get with toasts), but I also try to always give the full audio recording of the ceremony and toasts, uncut, as a courtesy.
We try to capture your wedding day in a way that tells the story of your day beautifully and evocatively. Think of it as a wedding film rather than a wedding documentary. Rather than just capturing the events of your day on a camera, we strive to bring out the emotions of your day in a way that warms your heart and lets you remember your day in all its beauty and splendor.



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