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It is kinda funny sometimes when people see one of us working an event, they will come up and ask, are you Rockin’ Robin? That’s very flattering to us because In a way, because we are ALL Rockin’ Robin. How could that be you ask?

Well, there’s this guy here see, and yes his real name is Robin… Robin Knowles to be exact.
Robin is a 25 year veteran in the Mobile DJ Entertainment and Wedding industry in Memphis. Robin has taken his long time experience, dedication and passion to another level by allowing a select few that he trusts are the most qualified people to deliver his message and beliefs to our clients.

Our DJs have gone through years of personal in-studio and public training with Robin and later when he felt confident enough they were ready to Fly Out on their own, then they too were welcomed into the Nest with the rest of the birdies. Well, there you have it. Tweet Tweet!

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