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You know those people in your life you often “hear” before you “see”? Yup, I would be one of them! And I guess everyone can thank my opera lungs for its obnoxious reverb. Oh yes, I am an artist absolutely through and through – I sing opera professionally and I have been taking vocal lessons since the age of 12. Oddly enough, that is also the age I received my first DSLR/professional camera as a birthday gift.

I quickly discovered I had a huge passion for capturing the moment. I would often follow my sister around our horse farm and annoy her *cough cough* I mean, take pictures of her while she worked and I played. I have since, of course, advanced to taking pictures of more than just beautiful live-stock and my sister (even though it was a lot of fun, especially because it got me out of mucking any stalls). I have expanded my skills to weddings, events, portraits, and real estate photography. I truly find joy in taking photos for all medias, but I do have a special passion when specifically working with people.

I love making a fool out of myself for my clients behind the camera so they feel comfortable and those laughing photos are truly genuine.

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Ramsey Yanney

Ramsey Yanney Photography is an independent photography business operating out of Charleston, South Carolina. A lifelong lover of the arts, Ramsey loves documenting everything from food to real estate, but her real passion lies in working with people. She adores capturing weddings and is constantly striving to create beautiful photos full of moments of authentic joy and connection.


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