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OHLR is a team of wedding DJs, music producers, and entertainers based out of the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Together, business owners and creatives Davken, and his sons DJ Jordan, DJ T-O, and Jacob work with couples to turn their visions into dazzling realities. To achieve this, they offer a wide range of services and amenities. Davken is Utah’s highest professionally educated DJ with a Masters in Music degree.

Though based in the Salt Lake City area, this team is happy to service those hosting special days throughout Utah, eastern Nevada, southern Idaho, and western Wyoming. OHLR has provided DJ services for many weddings in Utah and the surrounding states. Engaging, dynamic setlists will be mixed from the team’s library of nearly unlimited songs including the couple’s favorites to ensure that dance floors are moving throughout the festivities. Enhanced services are included in your complete wedding package.

Vendor Profile - David Oehler

David Oehler
  • 275 N Main St #1101, Centerville, UT 84014
  • 801-699-3759
  • ohlr.co


We include everything that a premium wedding DJ would provide in your wedding package. We are Utah's full service wedding DJs and want to make your wedding experience the best!
Davken, our lead DJ, has many years of experience. In fact, he DJed his first wedding at age 18. His sons, who each have more than 4 years of experience, will often assist. Davken is Utah's highest educated DJ with a Master of Music in Music Technology degree.
We offer free unlimited consultations, and we are happy to answer any questions before you book. We use the very best DJ equipment and we invest a significant amount of time and effort into producing the best events. While we occasionally DJ other types of events, we primarily focus on weddings. Some DJ's may have lower prices, but they may not show up with very good equipment, and they will often charge you much more for upgrades. So be sure to compare our full list of services for what you desire for your wedding, and you will find that you can save quite a bit with our complete package pricing!
We will let you know of our availability and provide you with a recommendation of the top wedding DJs we trust, but we will not collect any fees. We just want you to have the best experience!
With a 50% deposit, we will reserve your date. Then, the remaining balance is due anytime up to 24 hours before your event.



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