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NoLo Weddings & Events started as a dream. A dream to plan weddings and share in one of the best days of a couple’s life, all while blazing our own trail, making our own business decisions and working alongside each other (because how fun would it be to work with your best friend?!). Nothing against the 9-5 of a desk job or climbing the corporate ladder, but we just had different ideas of what our career and typical workday would look like. We also had a different idea of what the wedding planning experience should look like for an engaged couple.

Our dream became a reality in 2008 when we officially started the company that we hold so dear to our hearts. Still in college, we took the plunge, not knowing where this adventure would lead us or what was ahead. We’re so thankful we did.

NoLo has allowed us to share in countless love stories, make new friends and truly live out our dreams.

Our goal throughout the wedding planning process is to allow our couple’s to enjoy it. Seems simple right? But the wedding industry can be a confusing and overwhelming place for a bride-to-be, with hundreds of vendors to choose from, thousands of details to think about and millions of pins on Pinterest to sort through. We try to simplify the choices and the process for our couples.

We offer multiple packages to choose from, but really what we’re offering is piece of mind and guidance along the way. We want to remove the stress from wedding planning so that our couples can focus on what really matters– The love that led to the propsal in the first place and the beginning of their rest of their lives.

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