Nobl Film House

Price Range $3000 - $7000


Meet Cam.

I am a filmmaker based out of Fort Worth, and I absolutely love what I do. I started this journey when friends asked me to film their wedding with no pressure on the final result. Other friends heard about this and did the same. After agreeing to a few weddings and absolutely loving it, I realized I discovered my passion; creating films for the madly in love! Marriage is very near to my heart because of the incredible commitment, service, and love it represents. I consider myself blessed and am extremely thankful to film love stories for a living!

Why Nobl Film House?

Nobl is a creative acronym for the one thing I want my life to be marked by, “Nothing But Love”. If there is one thing I want people to remember about me, it’s that I gave them “nothing but love”. This, I believe, is the absolute greatest thing I can give to anyone freely; love. We are also a ‘Film House’ because when we interact I want you to feel like family, to feel like you matter and are cared for like we grew up in the same house as kids. This is why Nobl Film House exists. I get to love on and serve those who are madly in love, and it is the greatest thing I could ever do. I look forward to working with you!

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