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I’m Matt, the tall guy with the camera, primary photographer, and owner of Matt Blasing Photography.

For me, photography is to see the world with brand new eyes every time I pick up my camera. Every couple is unique with a love story all their own, and our job is to tell your story the best way we know how.

Being wedding photographers is about seeing beyond the surface of what’s in front of us, and being able to adapt to a situation and tell the story in different ways is exciting. Sometimes we get to be photojournalists, telling a story through a chronological series of photos. At times, we get to be food photographers, and lifestyle photographers at others. As your photographers, we get to show you what you look like through our lens, through our eyes. And trust us, you’re amazing.

With me in this adventure is my beautiful wife, Amy. We’re like Carl & Ellie. Kurt & Goldie. Westley & Buttercup. She’s the sensible business side to my artistic side. I’m the primary photographer, the one who nit-picks over perfect lighting, obsessing over the technical skill it takes to make our clients look their best. I’m the one who sits on the computer after a session and perfects the photos prior to sending them to clients. To balance that, Amy is the business guru and people-person extraordinaire, assisting me with ideas for composition and posing. She’s also my second photographer and assistant during weddings and large events, capturing something completely different than what I see, never failing to surprise me.

We’ve had the honor of telling so many love stories. We’d love to help you tell yours.

We look forward to working with you!

Matt and Amy

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Matt & Amy



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