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I started DJing over 15 years ago while living in Philadelphia and working as a radio DJ and MTV VJ. As a result, my experience in live radio and TV has deeply influenced how I approach events. From there, I moved to California, winning “Best DJ in Los Angeles” 2018, 2019, 2020. Now, back on the East Coast, my journey continues in Atlanta and all points between.

I believe the best events happen seamlessly, with one chapter of the evening effortlessly flowing into the next. The ways in which your guests enjoy your wedding evolve over the night, and it takes someone with unique experience and intuition to be able to “read the room.”

A wedding is the most challenging type of event to DJ properly, because you need to know a LOT of music. Of course, some DJs will stick to the overplayed lists of “Most Requested Wedding Songs”–and this is why you may have been to several weddings and heard the same ones again and again.

But all weddings aren’t the same. They have people of different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities coming from all parts of the world. For some people, music isn’t that important, but if it IS for you, it’s important that you realize your wedding is unique from all others, and unless you choose a DJ that treats it that way, it will be generic and forgettable.

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