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Hey! I’m Kayla…Rae is my middle name
My friends call me Kay, Rae or some variation of the two. Welcome to K•Rae Films!

It all started when…
I decided I wanted to go to TCU and become a Sports Broadcaster. Yep that’s right, I’m a sports girl through and through. Which seems contradictory to being a creative but… here I am! While my career ended with me mainly in front of the camera, it started behind it. I was the creative director for TCU Athletics- in other words I was at every sporting event filming everything. As I started to move towards broadcasting my director/producer role faded away and that’s when I realized how much I LOVED the creative side of filming and editing.

Fast forward to 2018…I decided to stop pursuing my dream of becoming an ESPN reporter and pursue a far better one, a far more rewarding one- K•Rae Films. Within the week of making the decision to stop pursuing sports, this beautiful new career path was born! I may not be telling stories on a sideline, but I’m still telling stories. Stories of passion and adventure. Stories that I believe we can all connect with…Love stories.


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