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Justine wants to live in a flower filled world with innovative clients, boxes of Cadbury chocolate, bouquets that come bundled with thorn-free roses and a force field around her workstation that repels cold tea and leaky buckets.

As an artist and florist with many years of experience, she’s worked in a small family-owned floral shop, taught theatre, spent many years as an elementary art teacher and established her own successful business. She honed her floral craft in a small village shop in her native country, England. Twenty plus years later, Justine’s Flowers has developed a reputation for delivering exceptional, lush floral designs for extravagant events and intimate weddings.

When she’s not filling buckets or creating floral masterpieces, you can find her whipping up a delicious cocktail, watching her beloved Arsenal play proper football, spending time with her husband and children, or ​planning her next trip home to England.​ ​​

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