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Price Range $3200 - $12,000


Josh Wong Photography is a premiere celebrity event, wedding photography, and fashion photography studio based in New York City. He’s not your typical cookie-cutter wedding photographer. As a photo artist, He loves real, raw, and organic moments. He’s not into those cheesy wedding pictures. He’s also a renowned fashion photographer so he loves merging the editorial style with organic moments to create imagery that is intimate, edgy, high contrast, and editorial looking. This unique vision of his has attracted corporations and celebrities such as Victoria’s Secret, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez. He prides himself in this special combination and is how he separate himself from the rest.

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Josh Wong


Josh’s photography style is always changing and evolving. While he is already a master in his craft, he is always pushing the envelope. We at Josh Wong Photography call it modern lifestyle photography which is a distinctive top-caliber blend of edgy contemporary photography with photojournalism.
. Josh’s images speak to you in a certain way - you appreciate how the images appear to be alive, more evocative, intimate and more fun, more… something that words can't describe. And you want that.
Absolutely! We have covered events in some of the most magnificent locations in the world. We’ve worked in Postiano Italy, Vienna, Austria, Maui Hawaii, Tulum Mexico and the Turks and Caicos to name a few. Have passport – will travel for weddings, anniversaries, recommitment ceremonies, birthday bashes, corporate retreats, and editorial shoots anywhere.
During portraits, absolutely. But during the ceremony, toasts, dances, etc. you and your guests won’t even know we’re there. Unless we're dancing along side of you.
Yes. If a venue requires a Certificate of Proof or if they need to add themselves as additionally insured, that is easily done and takes only a few business days to add to the venue.


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