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Price Range $3500 - $28000


Enjoy an event that is vibrant, memorable and full of joy — without the stress of planning every detail.
A flawless setting, the perfect blend of music; every detail picture-perfect.

Jodi Raphael Events works with you to make that happen. Share with us your dreams and your challenges for the perfect wedding, mitzvah or celebration. We work hand-in-hand with you, providing expert advice and detailed management, crafting an event that is everything you’ve dreamed of.

At JRE, you’ll find decades of experience in event planning throughout the Boston area, New England and beyond.
That means we’ve created countless one-of-a-kind weddings, mitzvahs, celebrations, and galas, each unforgettable memories. We manage the details from venue and vendor selection to day-of coordination, so that you can enjoy the process just as much as the event itself.

CONNECTED. INSPIRED. ENGAGED. This is how we create the event you’ve been dreaming of.

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Jodi Raphael


“Lights, camera, action!” These are the words that have marked my career, my first job as a television producer coordinating the myriad details of a live daily show. The transition to event planning was a natural one. I started JRE more than 20 years ago after working alongside some of the very best in the event planning industry. Over the years our business has grown, but what has remained constant is our uniquely personal approach to planning your event. We have been honored with multiple awards from The Knot and Wedding Wire and have received accolades from some of the industry’s most prestigious publications. I’m delighted and honored by this, but what matters most to me, is the way each bride or mitzvah family or 50-year couple feels as their event unfolds and the lasting memories are created. Connected. Inspired. Engaged. We take those words to heart with every event we plan.
The short answer is, before you become overwhelmed. We like to say, you hire us to worry so that you don't have to! You can reach out as soon as you're engaged or a few weeks before the wedding and we'll do everything to make sure you're day is fantastic!
Step One is to begin thinking about the guest list. The size of your guest list will be a guiding beacon from which all of your subsequent wedding decisions will follow. It’s impossible to make informed choices about the wedding date, venue, and budget without having the approximate number of guests determined. While this may feel like you are limiting yourself from the start, narrowing your options down is a GOOD thing.
While day-of wedding coordinators are responsible for overseeing the wedding day, a wedding event planner has a much broader role. A wedding planner cultivates the vision the couple wants for their wedding day and helps to plan and execute everything it takes to make it happen. Wedding planners begin their work months or even years in advance.
The responsibility of making sure that the wedding day (or weekend) all goes perfectly according to plan falls on the shoulders of the day-of-wedding coordinator. To make that magic happen, it all starts the month before the actual date.


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