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Jessica Sloane is in the business of creating interesting and beautiful aesthetics. She is a creative director, event planner, florist, designer and stylist.

With a background in sociology, she’s honed her skills at assessing client values and creating an event that is highly individualized. Through client collaboration, she is widely known as someone who is able to tell a compelling story through creating interesting spaces. When working a wedding, the event is approached as an outward expression of the couple’s relationship. Taking into account elements of their journey and weaving in personalized elements with an eye for the natural environment.

Every detail is part of the big picture and Jessica possesses the ability to fully manage events from inception to completion both in design / styling and planning / coordination. Her enthusiasm for artistically transforming a space with colors, textures, fabrics and designs has only grown over the past 10 years and is infectious to her clients who resonate with her passion for her work.

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Jessica Sloane


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