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We’re Hungry Heart Films, a husband and wife wedding videographer team based in Brooklyn, NYC, and Upstate New York. We believe the best wedding films are unexpected and sincere, the kind of film that can transport you back to the feeling of that awesome day every time you watch it! Your vibe as a couple is unique and your wedding film should be too! We capture your day as it naturally unfolds, whether you’re on the quiet side or throwing a rager to remember.

Our style is sincere and unembellished. We don’t stage awkward poses or try to create moments that aren’t there. It’s our goal to capture the real connection between you, your partner, and your amazing family and friends.

We’re keeping things simple at Hungry Heart Films and jamming all the good stuff into one affordable, all-inclusive package! We include everything you want from your wedding videography team like 8 hours of coverage and a beautiful, cinematic film. But not only that, we’re also including a full-length film of your entire ceremony with professional audio, a separate film of all the awesome things that happen during your reception like teary-eyed toasts, all the raw footage from the day, and a nifty private online film gallery.

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We may be biased, but yes! After the vows have been exchanged and you’ve run out of steam on the dance floor, all that remains are the memories. While photography is crucial, it only captures single moments in time. A wedding film allows you to relive the emotions, sounds, and energy of a day that only happens once.
We’re love creating unique and authentic wedding films. But it’s not about us! We believe what matters most is you and your experience during what will be one of your best days ever. We want to create a film that helps you relive the moments that fly by so quickly, again and again. That’s the power of video and a team that truly cares. When you trust us to capture those raw and honest emotions, you get a film about your relationship that lives on forever. That’s what inspires us. We want to capture the candid and imperfect, the moments where you forget we’re even there. That’s where we thrive. We’re extremely easy to be around, to let your guard down, to be who you are!
Our style is sincere and unembellished. We don't stage awkward poses or try to create moments that don't naturally exist. We document the real connection between you, your partner, and your amazing family and friends.
You'll always have both Brian and Rebecca, and over 10 years of film, photography, and design experience at your wedding as well as all of the high-end visual and audio equipment needed to produce an awesome film.
We get along with EVERYONE. We’re pretty darn likeable people. And yes, photographers tend to love us. We’re super respectful of photographers and excellent communicators. Once we know who your photographer is, we'll reach out to introduce ourselves and let them know our timeline for the day-of as a courtesy.



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