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Price Range $1800 - $4400


Portland wedding photographer focused on telling your story through natural, candid photos, guided portraits, and true-to-life colors.

What this is all about.

Honestly, you won’t find too much “about me” here, because these stories and photos simply aren’t about me. They are about the hundreds of couples I’ve photographed and the friends and family members who have been there from the very beginning. They are about your siblings who have grown up with you and seen the good and the bad. They are about your best college friends who have flown across the country to support you on your wedding day. They are about your grandparents who have decided to stay up super late and cut a rug with you and your new wife after the cake’s been cut. And they are about you and the beautiful, cherished love you have for your husband.

You and your fiancé are the heroes of your own unique love story, and you know best how to show your love for one another. Let’s allow your sacred day to be documented honestly and intentionally, and let’s honor every moment. I’ll be there with my cameras, ready and excited to capture the raw and the real. Your wedding day is a time to celebrate each other and the kind hearts who have traveled to support you and your journey, and those are the images that will take you back years from now and paint a picture of you to future generations.

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Wedding photography starts at $2800.
I have a list of beautiful locations in and around Portland that are perfect for engagement sessions! Things I keep in mind when recommending a location are light, space, and privacy. It's important to have beautiful light, and it's also really nice to be in a space that isn't overly crowded.
Yes, but I will do so in a way that makes you feel comfortable, rather than awkward. Most people aren't used to being in front of a camera, so when it comes to portraits, it's really important that I provide guidance and reassurance. I do this while keeping things fun and lighthearted! While most of the wedding day is focused on candid imagery, I make sure to come away with all formal bridal party, family, and bride/groom portraits, as well as details.
I work with lots of wedding professionals in Portland and am happy to provide videographer recommendations! I love working with other creatives on wedding days!


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