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Hello! My name is Holly Kattlegreen (maiden name is Green… I can tell you the backstory when we meet!) I am a Narrative Wedding Photographer. That means my goal is to create images that tell the story of your day exactly how it happened. I don’t want your photos to be an assembly lined output of the generic wedding day. I also don’t want them to feel moody and serious when you were sharing a beautifully happy and joyous moment (and vice versa). When documenting your wedding day the end photos should feel how your day and the moment captured actually felt; that is my ultimate goal! You will be holding onto your wedding photographs for life, your albums will become family heirlooms. I would love to photograph your wedding day and create these meaningful images for you, your family, and your guests!

Couples are generally most concerned with how they look in the posed photos, I totally get that! When shooting I blend a little traditional with photojournalism. Essentially I’ll place you in an interesting environment, make you feel comfortable with one another, relax, interact, all the while capturing the spontaneous candid moments that happen in between. When it comes to photos of your family and guests I do take the traditional family portraits, however the remainder of the day I prefer to take candid ‘photojournalism’ shots of guests talking, laughing, smiling, etc. I want you to have fun, be yourself, interact with your loved ones, and let me do the work of documenting these moments you will cherish forever!

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