D’Isjah Lyons Photography

Price Range $1200 - $3500


I’m D’Isjah and when I’m not behind the camera. I’m buying dresses from target, enjoying a song with a friend (that hopefully involves a good conversation), or playing video games in the dark. (IS IT JUST ME OR ARE GAMES WAY MORE EASIER TO FOCUS ON IN THE DARK?)

My good friends and family would describe me as having an spontaneous soul… as I am the one always on Airbnb booking our next trip, running into any store to see if I can get a good deal, creating new dishes with random food items in the kitchen (BECAUSE EVERYONE LOVES MY COOKING LOL) and snuggling up with my dog while binging a Netflix original series.

I’m partial to Thai food, traveling to new places, TACOS (can taco Tuesday be everyday please), dancing to a happy tune, and forestry areas (with bug spray of course).

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D'Isjah Lyons


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